Saturday, March 28, 2015

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 Review - Doug Anthony All Stars 

I have loved DAAS since I first heard them. Which was waaaaaaaaay before I was old enough to actually understand most of what they were on about.  I saw them a few times in the 90's, after begging my parents to drive me down to the big smoke to see them at the Comedy Club.  It'd be fair to say that my love of comedy all started with these guys.  

When they reunited 2 years ago at MICF to launch their DAAS Kapital DVD I was there. I drove to Canberra last year to see them. I saw them in Yarraville in August.  I have tickets to see them in Bendigo in May. Yes, I may have a problem, hush now. It was a given that we would be going to see them as part of MICF.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should point out that the part of Richard is being played by Paul 'Flacco' Livingston.  Don't let this put you off. He plays the part very well. Obviously these men are all older than they were, but they still put on a show that made my face hurt from all the laughter.  Even Chyken who doesn't really like them had a good time and wants to come and see them again in May.

Yes, Tim is in a wheelchair. This obviously has an impact on the show, but not in a negative way.  When they first announced plans to tour, I was worried it might be sad seeing the heroes of my youth trying to re-enact the glory days, but it's not. In my opinion, they have chosen songs from the old days that fit everyone's capabilities. They've seamlessly worked new material into the old and it is a joy to watch.

4/5 stars

They've sold out 4 shows, but have just added a fifth this Thursday, there are still great tickets available here... (And the meal that comes with the seats at the tables is quite delicious)

P.S. There are a few photos and videos of DAAS on my Instagram @chickensbees

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