Monday, October 26, 2015

Bula! Fiji 2015!

How is it October? Last time I checked it was April, surely?

I realised today that there was no mention on my blog about our trip to Fiji!  This makes me sad, for we had a truly wonderful time and I feel that you should know about it. Not the entire trip, because that would be a very long post, but the highlights!

It was July, and despite all the Fijians complaining about how cold it was, it was NOT cold.  The days were in the late 20's, temperature wise, with hardly any humidity, which is just how I like my days when there are pools at my disposal.

Yes, I did say 'pools'. Our resort had two, a huge one for everyone and another adults only pool. No prizes for guessing where we spent most of our time. There was a swim up bar and we enjoyed Happy Hour there most evenings.

Also, I highly recommend buying a cheapo version of a go-pro camera with a waterproof case, I think we paid about $60 from Target and it took some great photos!

This happened on the first day. And it may well have been the best money I spent there, made hair care so easy. Even if I did spend a small fortune on the sunscreen I kept spraying on my head because I was terrified of getting sunburnt. It took them several hours and Chyken was forced to drink cocktails while he waited. Poor man.

 So many delicious curries in Fiji! And a lot of seafood, if seafood is your thing. It is not my thing.

These guys went around our resort every evening singing. If you were out on your balcony they would stop and sing TO you, otherwise they just wandered around the whole place eventually ending up poolside for a few more songs before a man ran around the resort lighting all the torches.

We did a couple of day trips out to islands, and the one where we went on this sailing boat was our favourite! Only about 30 passengers and a great, fun, happy, lovely crew. We had a massive lunch, a swim, a snorkel, and we fed and cleaned turtles!

We took more video than we did photos of the snorkelling, but trust me when I say it was amazing. So many fishies!

Entertainment on the other cruise included these guys. Chyken was particularly impressed with how musical most people seemed to be. He kept saying to all the guys 'Men don't sing in Australia!!!'

And Fiji had some of the best sunsets I have ever seen!  Just stunning.

In short, we LOVED Fiji and we really hope to get back some day! 

P.S. This post was not sponsored in any way, shape, or form. We paid for the entire thing ourselves!

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