Friday, June 24, 2016

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown - Review

I was given tickets to check out this show by the lovely people at Cavanagh PR. All opinions are my own.

I gathered a few of my favourite people and we headed to the Alex Theatre in St Kilda to see You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown on Wednesday.

The verdict? We loved it!

Seriously, what a fun show! Slick choreography, a beautiful set and clever costumes made for a top night out.

I had never seen it before, and aside from knowing it was based on the Peanuts comic strip I had no idea what to expect. What we got was a great show full of energy, catchy songs and wonderful performers. I think my favourite song was Suppertime, but I also really loved 'My Blanket and Me'. My only criticism is that there was no live band in the theatre, although the cast had spot on timing to the backing tracks.

There's no real storyline, but it whizzes along at such a pace that it seems that it doesn't need one. Lots of adorable little scenes. The set is very clever too, basic, but with a Schulz signature! Stairs up the back that convert into things like pianos. Two screens with loads of different pull down curtains to make school buses and music rooms. There was wonderful choreography that made use of the whole stage, and the cast popped in and out from different spots when you least expected it. And the costuming? It was awesome! They made it look like they were WEARING cartoon outfits!

Charlie Brown was played by Cameron MacDonald, Lucy by Courtney Glass, Schroeder was Joshua Robson, Linus portrayed by Adam Porter, Charlie's sister Sally was played by Sarah Morrison. It was Luigi Lucente who stole the show though, he played Snoopy.

I saw the show with a contingent of adults, but there were lots of kids there and they all seemed to love it as much as we did! Given that tickets start from just $25, I reckon you would be mad not to grab your Linus blanket and take your family these school holidays!

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown is playing at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda (it's right across the road from the tram/light rail that comes from the city, so it's super easy to get to) until July 2nd. (There's heaps of matinees!) Tickets are available from Ticketek.

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