Saturday, August 5, 2017

Austrexit Trip 2017 - Volume Three

When planning the trip, we initially looked at a train from Germany to The Netherlands. It was pretty expensive, and if we paid a little bit more, we could hire a car. So this is what we did. Then we decided we would go the 'long' way via France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Five countries in one day! For someone from Australia, that seems impossible. I then spent some time on google maps and realised that we could actually do EIGHT countries in one day. Never one to shy way from a challenge, we decided we would go for it. It meant that on Tuesday we would drive from Dusseldorf down to Austria, to position ourselves ready to drive for 10 or so hours the next day...

We stopped at Maulbronn Monastery to see a friend that Terry hadn't seen for 14 years. The monastery is about 1000 years old. No biggie. 

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