Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bits Of My Weekend - Volume Five

Another week gone already? Here are some highlights of my weekend...

Saturday night we had a get together with some of my work mates. Here's me and Chyken being silly.

This is Me, Donna and Jenni being VERY silly.

On Sunday we visited our newly erected bricks.
This is the back wall of our house.

Then we caught up with some very good friends for a surprise birthday lunch for Mary and Christine. Here is Mary with Oliver, my extremely cute second cousin.

A very relaxing weekend all round.

Bits Of My Weekend is a concept stolen from Michelle. When you're finished here, you should go to her blog and see what the rest of the world did on the weekend. (Be patient, she is in the USA and her weekend isn't usually finished when I post my Bits!) Then you should come back here and leave a link to a post containing bits of YOUR weekend!


  1. Weekends are wonderful, aren't they?

  2. Oh the house is great! I love brick so much! The weeks go by so fast don't they!


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