Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bits of My Weekend - Volume Three

Just another weekend in paradise...
This is currently Chyken's favourite restaurant.
Can't say I was all that impressed with the food, but I did think Mr Wang in the window making the noodles was pretty fantastic. It's blurry because it was super fast!
We then went Mother's Day shopping. We didn't buy these, but I'm always up for anything that is funny AND safe, and I think you should be too!
Saturday night was the fabulous Lauren's 30th Birthday Part-ay. There was excellent cake.
And a fire in a keg. And a fire in a keg loving dog called Lady. She has no whiskers, a direct result of trying to EAT the fire. She jumped and snapped all night long.

Mother's Day dawned and Chyken picked some lemons to give along with other presents. Country lane on the way to visit some of the Mum's. (We have three!) Saw some kangaroos just before this but wasn't quick enough with the camera and they bounded off. Old Baptist church that I've been meaning to stop at and take a photo of for ages.Camel's Hump on Mount Macedon.

View from Chyken Snr's backyard. Hanging Rock.

It was then home again and time to cook dinner for Dame Washalot, my sister and her family. My speciality, Lasagne.

Chyken helped with the cheese. (And did a wonderful job of cleaning up after dinner!!!)

In the beginning...

The assembly...The baking...

It's messy but it's gooooooooood!

Go on over and see how Michelle and her family spent the weekend. (If she hasn't posted yet, she will soon, she's on the other side of the world to me and is probably still actually HAVING her weekend as I type this!)

Then you should come back and tell me how you spent YOUR weekend!


  1. I love that photo of the old Baptist church.

    Looks like a wonderful weekend to me.

  2. Ooh, what i would do for a lemon tree! And the scenery -- I grew up visiting my aunt in rural South Carolina with similar surroundings. If only I stopped to appreciate them like you do!

  3. Love the lemon tree!
    And the lasagna looks divine!

  4. Oh to have lemons freshly picked on Mother's Day!

    I love the picture of that church. Great light.

    And the lasagna looks really yummy! Makes me hungry!!

  5. That noodle making is cool. I need to find someplace to see that in person! I also think that the church is beautiful.

  6. How funny that that is currently MY favourite restaurant too. In fact, i will have it tonight. Yummerty!


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