Friday, March 4, 2011

The Week That Was...

What a week!

I spent most of the week in bed with migraines.  Do you get migraines?  I hope not, for they suck!  I'm not talking about headaches, for migraines aren't just 'bad headaches'  This link might help explain it.  In case you were wondering, I get the full shebang, with 'aura' and nausea.  And I spent two days away from work this week with two separate migraines.  Fun times.  The upside of the migraines was that I got to spend the days with these two gorgeous creatures!

Nutter & Sausage

Nutter has almost given up her hissing campaign and seems to accepted that Sausage is here to stay.  I'm not saying she's happy about it, but she seems to have accepted it!  Still the occasional hiss, but for the most part they play together reasonably well.

My best friend has returned this very day from an almost three month European adventure.  As I am writing this she is on her way here so she can regale me with tall tales from her trip while we eat food that is a billion Weight Watchers points per mouthful.  I'm a bit excited!

I'm also a bit excited about the state of the Castle grounds.  Today I removed the protective bunting to stop people walking on the front yard, because we kinda have lawn now.  Check it out!!!

Now, yes I did run this picture through the Instragram App on my iPhone, so the grass isn't quite that green in real life, but it's pretty close.  Those long grass things along the front are not weeds, they are agapanthus!  Next summer they are gonna look grouse!  Mark my words!!!

I'm catching up with some work mates tomorrow afternoon, and I'm really looking forward to it.  Given the nature of my work (have I ever mentioned what I do?  hmmmm perhaps I will write a post about it!) there isn't a lot of time for chatting at work, so every now and then we need to get to together after work for a catch up!  Tomorrow night we have an engagement party to go to, then I am working on Sunday morning.  Sunday arvo I have a date with Chyken and the couch and then another week will begin.

What about you?  Got exciting plans this weekend?

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