Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Exclusive!


You may have been wondering where I have been hiding.  I have been busy.  If you go to this link it may help explain, especially from 7 minutes 50 seconds onwards. 

Go look now, I can wait.

You're back?  Sweeeeeeet!

For anyone who can't view the video, when we went to the taping of Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight last week we had to bring an item that we had kept from our childhood.  There were a LOT of teddy bears.  I took this:

It's a latch hook kit that I got when I was about 10 and did a bit of and then got bored.  Somehow it has survived more house moves than I can remember with all the bits and pieces intact. 

I was asked by Adam Hills if I would like to come back to the show next week.  I said I would love to, he told me I could if I finished the butterfly.  So I have spent all week doing it. 

After about 5 minutes I could see why I had never bothered to finish it before, it isn't hard, but it is fucking boring. 

So, after more hours of boredom than I want to think about, I am proud to announce that I FINISHED!!!

This means that we get to go back to another taping tomorrow.  Yay!!! 

If you want to see what the finished product looks like, you will need to watch the show on Wednesday night at 830pm on the ABC.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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