Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Eleven Days Became Thirteen.

What a week!

With two days left of my glorious eleven day weekend, I woke up early on Monday morning with gastro.

I had the vomiting part, Chyken had the shitting part. Then I got the shitting part as well. NOT happy. I have never been more glad that the Castle has two bathrooms.  We spent the day catching glimpses of sleep in between bathroom visits. 

We were required at the Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight taping at 6:15pm. I'm not going to lie, there were SEVERAL moments during the day that I thought we weren't going to make it there.  But when I realised that the only thing that would stay down was water and stopped trying other things (you do NOT need to see what happens to a gastro-fied green icy-pole, trust me!) I seemed to be OK.  Well, f you don't count the  'I still feel a bit queasy and I have less than zero energy' feelings, then I was OK. So in the car we got and headed to the city. I figured that if it got too bad I could sneak out, cos last time we were there they sat us up the back. Oh no, this time? Front freaking row! I kid you not! (All the seats are allocated, and there are cameras EVERYWHERE in that studio so they can play pranks on the audience!)

The show was great, Chyken pulled a beer bong on national TV. Don't believe me? Don't know what a beer bong is? I shall show you....

Excuse the shots of me where I look a bit out of it, I was just trying not to vomit, remember?  There was also some really entertaining guests and an amazing Gospel Choir that got us all up dancing.  We made it though, drove home and woke up the next morning with no nausea.

But... (and this next part is kinda gross and probably too much information, but whatever, it's my blog and I'll gross you out if I want to!) when I vomit, it is fairly um... err... shall we say 'violent'?  It's very loud and it hurts. I have, in the past, burst a blood vessel in my eye due to the pressure build up when I was vomiting.  There is no way I could be bulimic, because everyone in a ten kilometre radius would know what was going on. So, I vomited for a whole day, pulled a heap of muscles in my body AND did some damage to my throat in the process. In the words of the oh so wise Amelia, I have a squeaker what has a broken. Chyken is thrilled, cos now I can only nag in a whisper. The Guard Cats are confused. If I wasn't in such pain from all the sore muscles it would kinda be funny I guess.

I was supposed to be back at work yesterday, but as I work in a call centre, that wasn't going to happen, so I went to the doctor instead. She listened to me squeak for two minutes and promptly wrote me a certificate for yesterday and today, thus giving me a thirteen day weekend, but not really in a good way at all.  I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I'm still a bit squeaky, that could make for an interesting day!

And the WORST part of all of this? We got Singstar last week and I can't use it!!!! Hmph.

Today I am grateful for the existence of Roast Pumpkin. 


  1. Love it, as always... will I be famous on the internet now cos I gots a mention in your blog?

  2. Amelia, aren't you already famous on the interwebs?


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