Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer Holiday - Part One

We're at the beach.  I am sitting in our motel writing this and this is the view out the window...

Not too shabby, eh?

We're at Lakes Entrance, otherwise known as Holidayville.  It's a billion miles (give or take) from the Castle and we are loving it!

One of the things we like best are lame tourist attractions.  When we saw a sign for Darnum Musical Village on the way here, we knew we had to stop.

You will note that the sign says 'Tours continuously available'.  We paid the modest entry fee, and the old guy that owns the place, Albert Fox made a call on the two-way, called up Peter and we were off.

The place holds eleventy billion organs, pianos and other musical instruments.  Some are really old, some are really rare and some are quite common.  Peter knew his stuff and gave us demonstrations of everything.  The best bit?  They weren't at all 'precious' about the instruments, everyone on the tour (Chyken and myself) were allowed to play them.  I thought that was brilliant!  I have some video of Chyken playing a massive pipe organ in the relocated church (it's available for weddings!!), but I can't work out how to put it here without going via the tube of you and the internets here in Holidayville are quite slow.

I did snap a picture of my least favourite instrument looking rather pleased with himself!

Happy Accordion is Happy!

After the excitement of the musical village, the rest of the trip was a bit bland.  We did stop off and have a look at the massive power station and coal mine at Loy Yang.  It was SO windy.  I did mention to Chyken that perhaps they could lay off the coal and put up some turbines instead.  Perhaps I'll suggest that to the politicians as well?

Once in Holidayville we checked out the sights, booked into the motel and have spent the rest of the day in the pool.  I needed some new sunglasses and scored these beauties for only 6 bucks at Chickenfeed. They have my initials on them!!!  (We also got a pair for my wonderful Mother-in-law, cos her initials are the same!)

I also got a fluffy and shiny bathmat, but that's a story for another post I think.

Tomorrow I predict there will be more time in the pool.  We've seen a floating Chinese restaurant we are keen to check out and we also want to see the Shell Museum.  Lucky for us, the shells are right next door!  Huzzah!

Must go, this view isn't going to look at itself, you know!

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  1. we did a day cruise from there that included lunch (yum) at a pub in a place I can't remember. But there were pelicans, you could ask about the cruise that includes lunch and features pelicans maybe?

    Also there is a great mini golf place and I recall trampampolines as well. Those are my Lakes Entrance suggestions, oh an I hope you bought a small cement figure covered in tiny little shells.....

    That is all.


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