Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Summer Holiday - Part Three

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Dear Holidayville,

Although I am loving not being at home and the change of scenery, I do have a bone to pick with you.

What's with all the rain?

I woke up this morning and this was the view from the balcony.

This is my one and only Summer Holiday and it's not very summery.  In fact, I could cope with the rain, but the cold is shite.  I did not pack for cold.  I did not even bring any long pants.  Or shoes other than thongs.  I do not enjoy the feeling of mud under my toes and I've had it all day.

Please go back to being sunny.  We paid for a pool and I'm damn well going to use it, but I'd rather not freeze to death in the process.

Yours in unseasonal frostbite,



Dear Miss Cow,

You have the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen.  And your eyelashes?  Wow!  Don't ever change, Ok?

However, Miss Cow, please be wary.  There will be many Mister Cow's who come after you.  You should know that they will only want you for one thing.  Enjoy them for the fun they offer, but don't go expecting too much in return.  They won't call, they won't write to you and they will feel no remorse.  Remember, boys are dumb.  Almost all boys.  Especially this one.  I think his name is Reginald.

Miss Cow, I hope you have a long and happy life down in Gippsland.  May the finest of green grass always be available to you and may you rear many beautiful baby cows.


Jo xx

P.S. You almost make me want to be vegetarian.


Dear Australia,

How bloody beautiful are you?  I can answer that, you don't need to.  You are stunning!

Even on a dreary day such as today you managed to make me smile and miss 'home' all at the same time.

Here is the small part of you we saw today.  It's near Buchan.

I still love you, even though you turned on a storm right when we had to get out of the car.  Look at those clouds!!

Australia, can you do me a favour?  Don't ever change, OK?  Even though people are going to try hard to fuck you up, please retain your majesty and beauty.


A very proud Australian.


Dear Buchan Caves,

You rock!  (no pun intended!!)

Seriously, I've seen lots of parts of this fair country and even some overseas, but you are something else!

I almost can't believe all this is hidden under the ground,

Apparently you took millions of years to get looking this good.

I'm sorry these photos don't really do you justice.

Your stalactites hanging from the ceiling were only matched, awesomeness wise, by your stalagmites climbing up from the floor.

But by far my favourite part of you were the parts like the one below that look like a river, frozen in time.  I could have stayed and looked at it all day.  Just wonderful!

I'm sorry the photos we took don't show how glittery so many parts of you are!

It's like an underground cathedral.  Without all the boring god bothering stuff.

It blows my mind that this was once all under the sea.

The fact that that they have found skeletons in here of ancient kangaroos and tigers is amazing.  The fact that they have no plans to dig any further makes me proud.

I loved almost every minute I spent in you today.  I only wish we had got there earlier and had been able to see the other cave as well.

Yours in wonder,

Jo xx

P.S. Is there anyway we could screen people and not let those in that are determined to talk over the tour guide all the damn time?  Or their children.  Thanks!


Dear Ninety Mile Beach,

You're rather long, aren't you?

I kinda have to question why you haven't moved with the times and been re-named the 144 kilometre beach, but I guess it doesn't sound as good, does it?

Whatever you're called, you're a bit fantastic.

I look forward to exploring more of you tomorrow.  I was a bit tired after climbing through caves this afternoon, I'm sure you understand.

I love that I can hear the waves crashing over you as I type this.  It makes my heart happy.

I am so glad the ocean has always been a part of my life, I hope it always is.


Jo xxx

P.S. I don't like your sting rays though, if you could do something about killing them all off, that would be great.

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