Monday, May 27, 2013


We went for a drive on the weekend and ended up the area I grew up in. It's a gorgeous part of the world.

For many years they took sand from the creek at the back of our house.  This is a rusty old sand hopper that was left behind.

We went down a lane that ends up in the back of what used to be our family farm.  Another family owns it now.  It was strange, so familiar, and yet different all at the same time.  I met Chyken after my parents sold it, so although we've driven past the house, he's never been right into the paddocks before.

I took this photo of the dam as I got out of the car to open a gate. 

The farm will always be home to me.

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  1. It's beautiful, Jo. It's also strange how time changes things, but our minds remain the same. Hopefully you had lots of good memories showing T around.


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