Sunday, December 6, 2015

Baby Bok Boks!

We got our four Isa Brown Bok Bok Pussybirds almost a year ago. They have been fabulous to have around, keeping the weeds at bay and providing lots of delicious eggs.

On and off the whole time one of them has been broody. We never worried too much about it, it lasted for a couple of weeks at a time and then she'd be 'normal' again. We took the eggs out from under her, because as we have no rooster, there was no way there could be baby Bok Boks.

Chyken was chatting to a friend about it and she said that the next time she went broody we should get some eggs from her chickens where they DO have a rooster.

This is exactly what we did and for the last three weeks she has been patiently sitting on her babies. About a week ago, another of the Boks went broody in solidarity in the nesting box next door.

Yesterday (while we were away for the weekend, didn't time it very well!) five beautiful little baby Bok Boks hatched!

The other broody chook has moved into the nesting box with them and they have a strange co-parenting arrangement going on, but it seems to be working. If we get what they consider to be too close, they bite us.

They are a completely different breed to our chooks (these are little fluffy-footed bantam silkie ones), but that doesn't seem to matter to the bitey mothers.

Now, can you all pray that they all turn out to be girls? I am in love with them already and we can't have roosters in the town...

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