Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Hundred And One!

This is my 101st post. I can hear your incredulous scream from here 'There's been 100 posts of crap already?  No!??!!'  I can assure you it is true.  Blogspot tells me so.  Who am I to argue?

I had plans of doing a momentous 100th post, but I wanted to brag about my school-night jaunt to see The Boy From Oz, and since it was a Wednesday I felt it kinda had to be in a Wordless Wednesday post.  (Speaking of which, there are a LOT of people on the internets who are putting up Wordless Wednesday posts and then writing whole paragraphs explaining the photos.  It's supposed to be wordless, people, WORDLESS!)  Where was I?  Oh yes, momentous post.  I had planned on doing something to mark the occasion, a retrospective perhaps, or a maybe a 'Chickens and Bees, This Is Your Life!' special edition?  But to be honest it crept up on me.  I will put on my thinking cap and try and come up with something amazing for 150!

So, here we are at 101.  It's been fun.  I've enjoyed dribbling crap at you.  I hope you have enjoyed reading said crap.  Just so you know, I intend to post more crap.  There are lots of new things about to happen inside the Castle walls.   If you want to know what they are you will just have to keep on reading!

This is the only sunflower to have survived the Great Castle Ground Floods of 2010.

Thanks for reading!  I really do appreciate it. 

Just for kicks, here's my current favourite lolcat type picture.  Enjoy!

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