Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Know - Volume Four

I know that today is Cake Day.  On the last Friday of the month my work celebrates all the birthdays with massive cakes!

I know that I will eat too much cake and then I will complain about feeling sick.

I know that our new TV cabinet gets delivered tomorrow.

I know that I have been going to bed too late.

I know that chicken and pesto and spinach and feta makes an amazing pizza.

I know the leftovers of said pizza are going to be a delicious entree for Cake Day.

I know that this has been a good week.  Busy, but good.

I know I am very ready for the weekend.

I know the cats are loving having the cat tower in the lounge room now that we have re-arranged everything.

I know I am happy daylight saving starts this weekend, even though it means I will go back to getting up for work in the dark for a while.

I know that I would really like to know what iPhone app people are using to make collages of photos before they put them in Instagram.

I know I couldn't give two shits about the various football crap that is happening this weekend.  But I might turn on the new TV to see the pre-match entertainment.  Maybe.

I know you should write your own Things I Know post and link it up with Shae at Yay for Home! Just click this button...

I know that the fine people who read Chickens and Bees are ace!  Thank you so much for all the comments and emails I get, they are ALL appreciated!

I know that even if you DO give two shits about the football I hope you have a great weekend!

What do YOU know?


  1. Cake day sounds awesome - what a great way to keep people motivated on the last Friday of the month! I will be watching the NRL final with my dad but if I was at home with my husband I wouldn't be (role reversal in our house, I'm the sporty one, he's not!) Have a great weekend!

  2. That pizza looks awesome! yummo. If youre not big on footy you won't appreciate my post this week ;-) Have a great non sporting weekend!

  3. Love the idea of cake day - enjoy.
    I think I need to do another Things I Know - I know I'm grateful for DVDs to get me through tomorrow afternoon :)

  4. Football schmootball, I'd rather eat cake. ;)

  5. Our football tradition is to never watch it!

    Your pizza looks so good.

  6. Cake day? I'm so getting a job where you work!

    Since having kids, our football tradition is to send D to his best mate for the whole arvo, so the kids and I get to enjoy life footy free and he gets to enjoy a boys' afternoon with lots of beer and meat and lots of swearing at the umpires :)

  7. I know that said pizza does sound very yummy and I hope that you managed to escape over indulging at Cake Day. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you for a wonderful weekend

  8. Thanks everyone! The pizza is wonderful, and sooooo easy. Perhaps next time I make it I will take some photos and put them up.

    Managed to avoid the footy, and even restrained myself where the cake was concerned!

    Hope you all had a great weekend as well!


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