Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This And That

I've been a very slack blogger lately.  Life has been in the way, ya know?

After the excitement of both our birthdays we have settled back in to life at the castle.  Chyken is on holidays and it is really hard to drag myself out of bed and go to work each day knowing he is at home.  Not working.  Well, not working in the tradition sense at work anyway, he has been doing amazing things in the garden though.

We purchased ourselves a new TV on the weekend and we are both a bit in love with it.  Another thing that has been making it hard to get up and go to work!  I even managed to get a great deal by tweeting Harvey Norman on the way to the store.  When we got there the sales manager was waiting for us and helped us tremendously.  We even managed to safely get all 55 inches of LCD screen home in our rickety old trailer...

It kinda fell apart on the way to the shop... But it was OK, we Chyken tied it all together and drove really slowly home.  It's all set up in the loungeroom now and looks fantastic.  We went yesterday in the wettest Spring day ever and ordered a new cabinet to put it on.  It will be delivered on Saturday (not sure the trailer is up to the task!)   It looks kinda like this...

We're pretty happy with it.  The fact that someone else will deliver it and carry it into the Castle is a bonus.

I spent some time last night cleaning out my Google Reader thingo, (As a side note, if you read blogs and you don't use reader, how the hell do you keep up???)  I put everything into folders and deleted anyone who only sends a partial feed, because it really gives me the shits and usually I don't even bother reading the post. 

Not sure I have anything else to tell you, I seem to be on the right dose of happy pills, the fucktards seem to be keeping out of my way and life is just plodding along as it should. 

So, tell me, what's news in your world?  And if you have a blog please share your address in a comment so I can make sure I'm following you!  (Unless you have a partial feed, of course!!)


  1. A new tv…how exciting! For some reason our TV has decided not to let us watch any free to air channels at the moment which makes the evenings a bit dull…….. Oh no!! Do I have a partial feed? I will have to investigate…….

  2. Oooh a new TV, how exciting. I would love one. Mine only gets three channels, although that is kind of good or I would probably never get to write or read blogs! LOL.

  3. Enjoy that new telly - that would make the Smurfs way bigger than 3 apples high!

    Enjoy the anticipation of the new cabinet - I do love that feeling....

    I found you through Flog Yo Blog (your post about rules for living is one of the funniest posts I have read in a long long time. I have been back to visit it a few times).

    B - from


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