Sunday, October 16, 2011

Silly Siri

On Friday Chyken and I got a new iPhone 4S each.  Chyken got a boring black one but mine is white and very shiny.  Naturally it have put it in a purple case so I know it is mine.

Given that it has all the same apps that my old iPhone 3GS had on it, I'm not finding it too much different.

Except for Siri.

Silly, silly Siri.

You can talk to her.  Talking to her is much like talking to an old PC program from my youth. 

Does anyone else remember Eliza, who was a 'psychiatrist'?  There are LOTS of similarities.  When I asked Siri how she was today she replied with 'We are talking about you'.  Unlike Eliza though, she doesn't terminate herself when you swear at her.  I tried that and she just changes the words.  I said 'You're a c**t' and she said 'What about Your Account?'.  True story.

However, she is a master of the quick quip.  This is my favourite so far.

Well played, Siri, well played.

P.S. Have you entered the Getting Naked Giveaway yet?


  1. Asked her to marry you yet? Open the pod bay doors? :-)

  2. ROFL

    I want a siri to play with :D

  3. Haha! LOVE it. I wanted a reminder to call my brother. And it had dialled him before I realised what was happening. So I was like, well, that was easy!

    OMG. I would never work for you again if you called me a c. just sayin'. You might've jinxed yourself. :P

  4. OMG! I may have to get an iPhone just for that!

  5. This is very cool! I will be getting a new phone eventually, probably 5, so hope it's still there then!

  6. So. Funny! I have absolutely no use for an iphone... but since when has that ever stopped anyone? I want!


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