Friday, October 21, 2011

Things I Know - Volume Six

I know I'm linking up again with Shae from Yay for Home!

I know that I have today off, which means I will be spending most of the day in here...

I know that I would LOVE to be at the Problogger training day, but when the tickets were released I decided to keep my annual leave for a big road trip to NSW we are planning for January so I didn't get myself a ticket.

I know I volunteered to cover someone else's shift this weekend and as a result I am having today off, so I could have gone!  Dammit!  I will have to watch the twitter stream instead.

I know that we have a winner for the Getting Naked 'The Dating Game' book! 

I know that the third comment on the post was left by Erin at eat play bond. Congratulations!  An email will be heading your way shortly!

I know that Chyken has done some amazing things in our garden.  So many flowers are about to bloom!

I know that people who do not know the full story should shut their fucking mouths and stop starting rumours.
I know that Black & Gold frozen puff pastry seems to be missing the puff. 

I know I will just buy the expensive pastry next time.

I know that according to Klout I am influential about bacon.

I know this makes me happier than it probably should.

I know I am ever so grateful to have my sister in my life.  She stands up for me when others should, but don't.

I know I love it when people I admire follow me back on Twitter.

I know that I have not really enjoyed the little taste of summer that Melbournetown has experienced this week.

I know that if you haven't already you should like Chickens and Bees on Facebook!

I know that next door where they are building the units there was an accident yesterday...

I know the accident involved the big orange yellow digger contraption and OUR FENCE!

I know the man who drives the BOYDC has promised it will be fixed.

I know I'm not holding my breath.

I know that I really shouldn't watch Four Weddings cos it just makes me angry, but I do anyway.

I know that if there was a photo booth when I married Chyken we would have got some great photos, but alas, they were not the done thing back then.

I know we had a completely amazing wedding anyway and I loved every minute of the day!  I might even do a post about it sometime.

I know that I hope you have an amazing weekend, spare a thought for me stuck at work, won't you?

What do YOU know?


  1. Black and Gold puff pastry was a let down for sure!

    I wish I was at pro blogger too.. we can watch the twitter stream together x

  2. Liked on facebook!

    Some home brand items just should not be purchased. Thanks for highlighting one of them!

    Klout is one of the strangest things I have ever come across. I would be proud to be influential about bacon too!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. "I know that people who do not know the full story should shut their fucking mouths and stop starting rumours" amen to that!

    Bummer about your fence, that sucks :(

  4. I know I wish I was at Problogger too. I had a ticket, but the cost to get there got a little out of hand because it was all too last minute on my part! The Twitter stream is pretty good though! The next best thing, anyway! :)

  5. Ouch, that broken fence looks nasty. I hope the contraption driver keeps to his word.

  6. What the hell did they driver of the digger DO to make the fence look like that? Klout on bacon is awesome, LOL!


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