Friday, August 12, 2011

I Understand...

Dear Construction Men,

I understand it is your job, I really do, but must you do it when I am home sick?

I understand that there is gravel that must be delivered, at last count six semi-trailer loads.

I understand that there are holes that must be dug.

But do you have to be so bloody NOISY about it?

Admittedly, the cats are fascinated.  The most movement they usually see out the kitchen window is the local family of magpies.  But I'm not fascinated and neither is my headache.

I understand that you need to have a port-a-loo, but does it need to be up against my fence?

Yesterday when one of you dropped something I seriously thought the London Riots had come to my sleepy little town.  What WAS that?  It was LOUD!

You are using a very large ORANGE digger contraption.  If you can't keep out of the way of it without All.  The.  Beeping.  Then you have some serious issues with sight and perhaps hole-digging is not for you?

I understand this is just the beginning of the construction of all ten units and that this will be going on for quite a while, but is there any chance we could do a deal if I am ever as sick as I have been this week?  You could take holidays then maybe?  Or go dig holes next to someone else's Castle?



P.S. I'm a bit over the rubbish from your work site ending up in my yard, is there any chance you could use the orange monster to dig yourself a bin?


  1. I swear, it must be in their contract to stick the portoloos as close to the neighbours' homes as possible.


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