Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Cat Is A Weirdo

I’ve been home sick this week and have spent most of that time in bed, which meant the cats did too, as they have enjoyed being curled up with me asleep.  Sausage spent some time this morning licking the bedside lamp.  No, I don’t know why.  I also don’t have any proof of that, because I was snuggled up in the bed at the time, but I do have proof of some other mental behaviour because today I finally felt well enough to emerge from under the doona and the cats did too.

Sausage has found a new place to stalk me from…  What, you can’t see her?  I’ll zoom in…

Nutter couldn’t care less…

When I found them, Sausage was actually asleep up there, but by the time I found the camera she had woken up.

A bit later on I found her here...

Bag Cat?

See?  I told you she is a weirdo!.

What stupid things do your pets get up to?

P.S. I am going to set up a page on here with all the buttons of the blogs I read… If you are a blogger and you have a button, can you let me know (Via a comment here or on Facebook or The Twitter) so I can add yours?  Searching through everyone’s blogs on the off chance they have one is taking forever!


  1. I love cats - to look at, the up close claw-y bit, I don't love so much, but they're so funny and beautiful to watch! We used to have two of them, real characters, from the same litter but polar opposites. Rastus was timid and hid on top the highest surface he could find (probably didn't help that we had a terrible two year old at the time). Rosa was a feisty ally-cat who loved to get right into the middle of boys wrestling on the floor! Love them!

    Love your photos, too!

  2. Our cat is a nut too! She hides herself away on the top shelf of the girls closets, I wonder if it is because its warmer the higher you are in the house?

  3. Haha, great post. Crazy cats - gotta love them. Mine is a yo-yo cat - inside, outside, inside, outside. And guess who has to open the door for him every time?
    He also plays fetch with a bit of rolled-up al foil at times. Even though he's a cat, not a dog.

  4. They are such a great source of entertainment. I'm not sure what we did without them!!

  5. One of our cats loves to sleep in cupboards and draws. I went to pick up a black and white doone cover the other day and almost picked up Hannah! Another one tries to get into the toilet to drink from it when you're actually sitting on the toilet. Weird.

  6. One of Nutter's favourite places to sleep is IN the doona cover on the bed.


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