Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ain't Looking For Nothing... But A Good Time....

I'm having a birthday next week.

I've arranged to have the day off work and so has my sister.

It will be a Chyken Free Zone because boys smell he will be working.

Having sorted all those details out, we have found ourselves at a loss as to what to actually DO?

This is where you come in, dear interwebs...

What amazingly cool but not overly expensive thing can we do on Monday to celebrate?

There's a few limitations:

- It needs to be during the day, we need to be able to get there, do the thing and get back pretty much in daylight.  (Translation: Not more than about two hours drive from the NorthWest suburbs of Melbourne at the most.)
- No chocolate, my sister can't eat it.
- Nothing overly physical because I am lazy and my idea of a good time is NOT bushwalking or the like.
- No wine, because neither of us really drink it and someone will have to drive.

Please, helpful people, bring forth your suggestions!

P.S. Should you be somehow involved in some kind of wonderful establishment/business/tourist attraction that fits the bill and you would like to donate a birthday present to me I would be very happy to write about it on this here blog!


  1. Surely a Shiatsu massage should be on the cards. Something pampering.... hey how far is Daylesford from your place? A girly day trip to Daylesford is how I would like to spend my day. Stop at a lovely cafe, check out the antiques and whatnot, and of course the day spas...

  2. Thanks Kate! I had already thought of Daylesford, and if no one else comes up with an amazing alternative we'll probably go there. I just thought someone might have a hidden treasure I hadn't heard of yet!

  3. Ballarat has the 'White Wedding exhibition'. It is only about $20 to get in and there are heaps of wedding dresses through the ages. Quite a few modern (from celebrities). Follow up with afternoon tea somewhere on the way home?

  4. Maybe train into melbourne, bit of people watching sipping lattes at Southbank, Eureka Skydeck (if not wibbly kneed with heights!) Window - or seroius birthday shopping at DFO or Harbourtown, they have ice skating there too if you're game! Whatever you choose, have a marvelous day!!

  5. These are all excellent suggestions! Thanks!!

  6. How about a trip down to Peninsula Hot Springs in Rye? It will probably take about 90minutes driving and it is divine. Have a lovely birthday!

  7. Totally Daylesford! I have been dying to go FOREVER. Go horseriding in the morning, have lunch and then have massages all afternoon.

    Happy Birthday!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! We ended up going to Daylesford and it was lovely!

    Some pics and things here: http://chickensandbees.blogspot.com/2011/09/happy-birthday-to-me.html


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