Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rules For Life

(Alternative Title: "Things I Am Anal Particular About")

1. The door to the wardrobe and ensuite must be closed or I cannot sleep.

2. When having sandwiches, they must be cut into triangles, not rectangles and definitely not squares.

3. Low-salt ANYTHING is revolting, should not exist and is not allowed in the Castle.

4. If presented with sweet and savoury snack foods at the same time, I will always eat the savoury ones first.

5. Speaking of snacks, I like to eat chips from a bowl, not straight from the packet.

6. Sprite Zero is NOT the same as other brands of diet lemonade.

7. I have serious issues regarding odd socks.

8. Just because two socks are black it does NOT mean they are a pair.

9. If we are ordering Indian food I will have chicken korma.  I will not share it, so if you also want chicken korma we will need to order two.

10. All toilet paper was not created equal. 

11. Tasty cheese and tuna do not mix.  Tuna requires silver cheese.

12. Whistling is evil.

13. I like need my cutlery to match.

14. Fruit and/or Nuts do not belong in chocolate.

15. Milo is best consumed hot, Quik is best consumed cold.  I have been known to have cold Milo, but NEVER hot Quik.

16. The only fruits I like are apples and bananas.  Yes, I have tried others, but I don't like them.  It's a texture thing.

17. People who chew with their mouth open give me the shits.

18. Dried Parmesan cheese is awful and smells like vomit.  I like the fresh stuff though.

19. Tomato sauce can be eaten on everything except chicken and ham.

20. Tomato sauce is extra good on bacon.

21. Bacon is good on bacon.

22. Cold deli meats should be square whenever possible.

23. I only eat the breast meat of chicken.  And the stuffing.

24. Only idiots put sultanas in apple pie or apple crumble.  Or any dessert for that matter.

25. If we are sharing a packet of chips, or tim tams, or lollies, and you finish all yours before I do I will not share the rest of mine with you.

26. I am greatly amused by the fact that over 700 people have visited this little blog in the last week because they did a Google search for Shaker Fries.

27. The buttons that do up the doona cover must be at the foot of the bed or I cannot sleep.

So, tell me, what are you weird about?


  1. Dishes must be washed from the left side of the sink to the right - or I will have a screaming tantrum!!

  2. What sort of a fool would even try and do it the other way around?

  3. A husband-shaped fool - that's who!! lol

  4. I completely agree with points: 2, 4, 8, 10, 15, 17, 24 & 25. I half agree with 14.

    I need to tidy the house and put everything away or I cannot sleep.

    Books have to be in size order and then alphabetical order of their authors.

    I cannot stand sniffing, snorting or snoring.

    I hate watching people eat ... it is disgusting!!

  5. OK, I had to go back and number them so I knew which ones you were talking about Jen!

    Would you like to pop around to my house of an evening and put things away?

  6. Only WHITE toilet paper is allowed in our house - no sea shells, no swirly floral patterns, definitely no dolphins. I have tamed the Rock God very well in this regard, he knows NEVER to bring anything other than white toilet paper home.

    "Curried egg" are two words that make me feel physically sick and when I am at a party and I see people eating curried eggs, I mentally put them into the same category as people that have foot fetishes ie...NOT NORMAL

    I totally agree with bacon being good on anything, including bacon. I also agree that sultanas DO NOT BELONG in desserts, EVER. My cutlery must always match (we don't bring nonmatching cultery into this house and I also agree that boys are dumb!

  7. Love your list.

    I agree with no 1, 6, 15, 17, 27.

    I have to disagree with 7 and 8. I am regularly known to wear odd socks!

    Tuna doesn't mix with anything! It's foul!


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