Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Block

We found ourselves in Richmond late yesterday, and we couldn't resist a drive by of The Block houses.  Obviously we couldn't see inside them, but the outsides look fantastic!  If you need a reminder of how they looked to start with, try this link.

House number 1, Jenna and Josh's house.  It used to have a blue door.

House 2, Polly and Waz's house.  This door used to be yellow.

House 3, Katrina and Amie's.  Previously a green door.

And lastly, Tania and Rod's house.  What once was red, now is brown.

I love them all, but I think my favourite is number 1, Jenna and Josh's.  I love the timber shutters they have going on.  I almost can't wait to find out who wins!!!!


  1. I like house no.1 best too; the last two seem very dark don't they?

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  3. If I'm honest, the photos don't really do any of them justice. I took them very quickly, mainly because I was a bit scared someone was going to come and tell me off! They all have really great lighting going on, and have come up a treat. Also, I think they would all have a totally different look if I was there in the day time....


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