Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How To - Chicken Pesto Pizza

Here is a photo of the best pizza in the world:

Do you want to know how to make the best pizza in the world?  Never fear! I am here to help!

First off, pre-heat your oven to as hot as it will go.  (Or about 250 degrees.  Whichever is hotter.)

You will need the following...

Pita bread.  I use wholemeal, but any sort is fine.  In fact, any sort of pizza base would work, but I find this is the nommiest.

* The breast meat of a roast chicken.  One breast per pizza.  (You can also just buy chicken breasts and poach them, but I think the flavour is better if it comes from a roast chook.)  Chop up the chicken into rough 1cm squares.  You can use thighs if you like, but I don't like meat that originated too close to the bone.  I'm odd like that.

* Feta cheese.  One of the chunks you can get in the deli at the supermarket.  I use low fat, but any sort will do.  Cut it into 1cm-ish squares as well.

* Baby spinach.  A big handful per pizza.

* Pesto.  I use a basil based one.  I usually use one from Costo that is about $10 for a kilogram tub, but we'd run out, so I just got this one.  It worked fine.

Grated tasty cheese.  I use the pre grated stuff cos I'm lazy.

Spread a few tablespoons of pesto on your pita bread.

Put a small amount of cheese on.  Cheese before toppings on any pizza will change your life.

Pile a heap of baby spinach on.  Don't worry if it seems too high, the other things we put on will make it calm down.

Dot your feta all over the spinach.  Sometimes I hide it a bit under the spinach too.

Then park that chicken on the top.  ALL over.  More is more.  In my opinion, the problem with proper pizza shops is they don't put enough topping on. 

Then, more cheese.  About a handful.  Spread it all over.

Bung it in the oven and turn it down to about 200 degrees.  Check the pizza after 15 minutes.  It should be done, but if you like it a little bit browner leave it in for longer.  Keep an eye on it though, cos it will burn pretty easily.

I meant to take a photo once I sliced it up, but I was too busy eating it.  Sorry.

This pizza is amazing.  I promise you will love it.  It's also pretty good cold for the lunch the next day.

Why don't you make some today?


  1. Mmmmmm! You have made me so hungry!! And I didn't know nomiest was a word! I like it!

  2. Oh yummmmmm. I am literally salivating! :) xx

  3. Yummo! I'd eat it but not so sure my little girl would touch it for all the green!

  4. Yummo! I'd eat it but not so sure my little girl would touch it for all the green!

  5. Love it!! Not a big fan of meat off the bone either. I'm craving pizza now.

  6. oh man I love the look of that going to try it for sure! We always have pizza with pita bread bases.. yummo HB will love this!

  7. I've always been too scared to put chicken on pizza; I have noe idea why, because I like it from the shop. I guess I worry I'll make it tough?
    But this seems easy. Might have to give it a go. :)

  8. Looks totally delicious and I love anything with pesto and feta!
    I love that you had ran out of pesto when you buy it in a 1kg tub :)
    Yes totally agree a light sprinkle of cheese before the other toppings makes all the difference AND store bought pizzas are far too stingy with their toppings.

  9. Yum!!! Very nommy! I love baby spinach on anything! I'm a bit random...

  10. Baby spinach is one of my favourite greens - I usually put it on a roast veg pizza. My eldest is horrified.

  11. That pizza looks yummy! I am rethinking my dinner choice of steak tonight.

  12. Well, in my book anything pesto goes down well. With chicken and cheese - even better!

  13. I'd really like to try this but don't think any of the kids would eat the Feta. Not something that is liked in this house sadly.

  14. That looks so delicious - I would be the only one in our home who would eat it!

  15. That looks divine, so true about the cheese before topping as well, already on to that here

  16. We do homemade pizza too!

    Will try this one next pizza night.

    Here from FYBF.


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