Sunday, November 27, 2011


... The newest residents of the Castle!!!




Yup, we went to get one cat and came home with two!

Nutter is NOT impressed.  Sausage is also not really happy about it, but she at least seems curious about them.  Nutter is hissing and growling and sulking.  She did the same thing when Sausage moved in, so I'm sure she'll get over it.  I'm doing my best to ignore the bad behaviour and praise the good. 

Minchin is a boy and so far has been a bit reserved, but he purrs a lot and is quite smoochy.

Bukkit is a beautiful girl and is a bit crazy.  She also has quite a purr on her and likes to snuggle up with Chyken. 

They are both about 8 weeks old and came from Ingrid's Haven.  If you're near Melbourne and in the market for a cat you should go see her.

It has been very hard to get photos of them as they don't sit still for a second, always off exploring and climbing up things.  Including people.  I already have scratches all over my arms and hands.  Please excuse the grotty state of my floors.  You just scrolled up to check them out, didn't you?  Gah!

How many cats makes a crazy cat lady?  Please tell me it is more than four....


  1. Sorry babe, but four definitely puts you straight into crazy cat lady status.

    Mind you, I think the world needs more crazy cat ladies! xx

  2. Congrats Jo, they are so sweet! You are now a 'cat lady' Crazy comes in when you start buying them matching little outfits!

  3. i was trying really hard to read this but i couldnt stop thinking about the fact that you have a cat named sausage. hahaha. the new kitties are sooo adorable!!

  4. So. Stinkin'. Cute! I'm a cat person myself and there's nothing sweeter than a cute kitten! Love your cat's names too, ours are boring "people" names, Hamish and Hermione, but in my defense they were named before we got them. Enjoy your new fluffy bundles ;)


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