Friday, November 18, 2011

Things I Know - Volume Nine

I know I'm linking up again with Shae at Yay for home!

I'm know also flogging with Glowless from Where's My Glow?

I know someone bestowed my first ever blog award upon me this week.

I know I will write more about that soon.

I know that this week has been pretty good.  Certainly a lot better than the last few weeks.

I know I am very glad about that and I hope it continues.

I know we have a very lazy weekend planned.

I know I'm looking forward to it.

I know I took a tonne of photos when I made 'The Best Pizza In The World' a few days ago.

I know there might be a tutorial coming your way soon.

I know that you should go and read this article.  It could have been written by me.  (It wasn't, but it could have been)

I know you should go to Liz's blog and while you are there make sure you vote for her in the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.

I know we have some very cool things going on in the Castle grounds at the moment, not the least of those is this rose bush which was a housewarming present.

I know I spent several months feeling convinced this rose bush was going to die.

I know I am very glad I was wrong.

I know there are also sunflowers growing almost before our very eyes.  I hope I remember to take a photo of them on the weekend.

I know a pay increase with back pay is wonderful.

I know the tax on back pay is bullshit.

I know we are going to put the back pay to good use on a road trip to NSW just after Christmas.

I know that just when I think people are starting to understand where I'm coming from, they do something that makes me realise they actually have no idea at all.

I know I am over Christmas and it hasn't even started.

I know I do not understand the need for Christmas themed nappies. 

I know there is a baby about to be born to some of my best friends.  I hope everything goes smoothly for them.  I'm waiting by my phone for the news! Please don't buy any Christmas nappies!!!


What do you know?


  1. What lovely roses! And we really must get our sunflowers in the ground, Dadda has been wanting to plant them each year for Miss 5 and always forgets.

    And don't worry about what other people think. I've had a crap week with other people, and I don't think I will every understand what or how they think. I'm choosing to ignore their thinking and maintaining my own sanity.

  2. I don't get the nappies either!!!

  3. Wait, what? There are Christmas themed nappies now? So glad I missed the boat on that one.

    That is one stunning rose!

  4. I'm glad this week has been better for you. And I'll be getting a payrise next month too, just before xmas...nice!

  5. Our sunflowers are growing too-the kids love them :)

  6. What a beautiful rose bush! I hear you on tax on back pay - it is criminal how much comes out.


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