Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I Know - Volume Eight

Things I Know about John Farnham concerts.

1. I have been to a concert in almost all the tours he had done since 1988.  You might call that 'obsessed', I call it 'committed'.

2. I know that if you join the fan club, you get great seats.

3. Chandeliers are appropriate for any occasion.

4. When Mr Farnham walks on to the stage, everyone WILL stand up.

5. The man may be 60, but he still has it.  He had the entire Palais Theatre capacity crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.

6. He will make the same lame, terrible jokes every time, but he will pretend they are new and everyone will laugh at them anyway.

7. The first half, which was an 'acoustic' set, was fantastic, even if it did include a banjo.

8.  The first half had NOTHING on the second. 

9. He played the entire Whispering Jack album in the second set.  In order.  And told us anecdotes about the songs. 

10. The more bagpipers there are, the better the John Farnham concert.

11. I know he has NOT retired, and I for one am VERY glad about that.

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What do you know?


  1. I love it when you get to see a real "performer". Though I am not a fan I really wish I really wish I was going to see Dolly Parton. I've heard wonderful things about her shows.

    She plays the banjo herself though, beat that John! :P

  2. I've only seen one of his concerts but I will always treasure it as it was my very first concert experience. It was an awesome experience for a very young me :)

  3. My mum loves Johnny. Me, not so much...but I do love stories of dedicated fans!!

  4. Nothing better than seeing a performer you love in real life :)

    Does he still sing 'Sadie'? ;)

  5. I saw him in Jesus Christ Superstar about 18 years ago and he was spectacular. You lucky thing to be so near the stage, and yes, bagpipes are a must! ;-)

  6. I saw him a long time ago when Southern Sons supported him. He has so much energy and his voice is amazing.

  7. How I love a BIG DAG! LOL. John really knows how to impress the fans singing the whole album in order - Joy oh joy!!

  8. Oooh I love fan stories. This is very cool! I thought John had retired again!!
    I did see him a couple of years ago, and I was disappointed at his racist and homophobic jokes (and as you say, they've been told many times over), but he gave a fantastic performance that I sang my lungs out to. He has an amazing voice.
    Thank you for writing and sharing.


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