Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 14 - Blog Every Day In May 2014

Day 14!

One of your favourite images of all time.

This is a hard one.

We spent every summer at the same beach house.  It wasn't ours, so the things in it weren't ours.  In one of the rooms was a photograph.  It was a teeny little black baby in a huge fluffy white bed.  I have never forgotten it, nor seen anything like it.  Even google images has been no help.  I have no idea why I remember this so strongly, but every now and then it somehow slips into my consciousness and I am instantly standing back in that house.

As far as 'famous' photos, I'm quite partial to this one:

Original: Eleven workmen in New York sit and eat lunch on this beam in 1932. One of the workmen, far right, is holding a bottle of whisky

I'm not even sure why, there's just something great about it.

And if we're talking paintings, this is my very best favourite.

Home Again 1884

It's called 'Home Again' and it's by Frederick McCubbin.  The original hangs in the gallery in Melbourne and I love to go and visit it.  I have no idea why I love this so much, but I love it.  The dog, the look on their faces, the colours.  Love.

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  1. I agree there's something chaotic about the second image - like I can't quite put my finger on what's happening, it's a total contradiction!

  2. THat painting is everyday LOVE, isn't it. The shock, the burst through the door. Nice work!

  3. Fredrick McDubbin is awesome! and I love that photo, so classic.

  4. The one of all those men suspended mid air just made my stomach flip. I am USELESS with heights. I hope there was a great big trampoline underneath x

  5. That top photo is a famous one. It also goes to show how times have changed. It's still a classic image.

    I love Fredrick McCubbin, and you know what I actually don't remember this image of his, but anyone who has been away from their family for any length of time can relate to the image of coming home.


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