Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 16 - Blog Every Day In May 2014

The best smell in the world is...

Look, this is going to sound weird to most of you.  Most of you will read this and think I'm completely insane.

The best smell in the world is a shearing shed.

It's wool.  It's sweat.  It's dogs.  It's blood.  It's branding paint. It's manure. It's wool packs.  It's ink that's used to write on them. It's sparks flying off the grinding disc the shearers use to sharpen their blades.  It's hot cups of sweet tea.  It's fresh scones.  It's curried egg sandwiches at smoko. It's dust in the summer and mud in the winter.

It's home.


  1. As a girl from a sheep farm, I GET IT. It's playing in the shed in winter when it isn't been used. Jumping in wool pressers to get the corners down. Playing chasy in sheep yards and doing concerts on the board. Nice one Jo.

  2. The smell of a shearing shed is on my list too! Brilliant memories (past and present). It's definitely the smell of great times. Whenever we're out of milk and I drink my tea black, it takes me straight back to the shearing shed when we were young and I pop a spoon of sugar in it too. Great post, Jo.

  3. I love this! I love the smell of sheep. I love smells that evoke memories.

  4. Nup not weird, you are speaking to girl who grew up on a farm, who remembers all those smells to vividly.... LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great post - beautiful picture! The smell of sheep always makes me think of camping with my friends as a teen - boys around the campfire and girls in the sheep shed. Geez we were good kids!


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