Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bits Of My Weekend - Volume Nine

Short and sweet this week, I was too busy to take many photos. This is Nutter being cute.

On Saturday we visited the house, we were happy to see that they have found our missing gable.

This whole weekend was taken up by "The Producers". We had a show on Friday and Saturday nights and a matinee on Sunday afternoon. All the shows went really well, but I'm glad I'm going back to work tomorrow for a rest!

Head on over to Michelle's blog to see what others around the world did this weekend. If her post isn't up yet, be patient, she's on the other side of the world and is probably still HAVING her weekend.

Then please come back here and leave me a link, I'd love to know how you spent YOUR weekend...


  1. Pics of cute cats always work! I posted one this week too :)

  2. Being in a production is a lot of work--or so I've heard and observed! I'm sure you'll be glad to be finished.


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