Monday, June 28, 2010

Bits Of My Weekend - Volume Ten

Welcome to another edition of Bits Of My Weekend. This is a concept stolen from Michelle. You should head over there and see what the rest of the world did on the weekend. If her post isn't up yet, be patient, she is in the USA and is probably still HAVING her weekend.

Saturday we went to the Castle and found... Walls!

My favourite niece called Emily made some holes in the walls. The holes will one day be powerpoints.

This wall will soon have a kitchen installed on it.

Then we went to the pub for lunch. There was a Celtic Festival on in town. These are my very favourite kind of pipers, ones that are walking away from me.

Saturday night was the final night of 'The Producers'. I'm sad that the show is over, but I'm looking forward to having a bit more spare time in my life again.

Sunday morning Chyken made me breakfast in bed. It's a bacon face!

Sunday we went for a drive, and found Mister Pig along the way. I elected not to tell him about the bacon I had for breakfast.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I like the bacon face! I think my favorite kind of piper would be the ones walking away from me too!


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