Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bits Of My Weekend - Volume Eleven

I had a really shitty week. (See post below). I wouldn't call this weekend outstanding, but it was certainly much better than the week!

Here is Nutter being cute. She's very good at it. I'm also impressed with this photo because I took it and somehow managed to get just her face in focus. I love it!
Saturday night we went out for dinner for Chyken's Mum's birthday. I went to order our meals and they asked for our table number. I said it was the big one with the highchairs. They said, 'Oh, with the guy with the tomato shirt?'. My husband, instant celebrity!

mmmmm... cake!

Sunday I went to work. This adorns the wall there.

We also moved house this weekend. No, not into the Castle, it isn't finished yet. We had internal doors delivered though, so it's inching ever closer! We moved from my Mum's house into my sister's house. Luckily (?) we didn't have a whole house to move, just our bed and clothes really. It still sucked like all house moving does.

Check out Michelle's blog for Bits Of My Weekend from around the world. (If her post isn't up yet, check back later, she's in the USA and is probably out at a 4th of July parade and/or eating something amazing!)

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. I read your previous post. Don't know exactly what's going on, but I'm sorry for you. I do hope it all works out.

    Moving stinks! I didn't have the greatest week either. I had a toothache and then had to get a root canal done.

    Love the shirt that elevated him to celebrity status!

  2. Moving is always a challenge, isn't it? But I could use the excuse to pare down and clean out... hard to find the discipline to do that unless you're forced to by a move.

    Hope this next week is better!


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