Monday, July 12, 2010

Bits Of My Weekend - Volume Twelve

Welcome to another BOMW edition.
On Saturday we went to Costco, always a fun day out. We saw these, but we didn't buy them. Neither beer nor nuts are good for cats.
We DID buy bagels. But I ate them before I thought to take a photo of them.

On the way we visited the Castle. We have a kitchen! Woot! Surely it can't be long now until they let us move in?

Sunday we celebrated Emily's birthday. Out for a nommy meal and then home for this!

Happy 15th Birthday Emily!

(Sorry about the candles...)

Check out Six in the City to see what others around the world did this weekend.

What did YOU do?


  1. Cute cake, and wow you have a kitchen now! Thanks for taking us along on the Castle journey.

    Is the current time in Chicken and Bee land new? As I type this it's 10:41 pm on Sun night here at 3:41 pm on Mon afternoon there. It's like you're from the future or something! Ha! :)

  2. Thanks Melissa, I'm glad you like my little piece of the internet.

    I AM from the future, yesterday I knew who would win the world cup, you just needed to ask!!!

    It's a Costco cake, my new favourite thing!

  3. Love your new kitchen; I bet that will be a lot of fun to move in to!


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