Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picture From The Past - Volume One

I really wish I could remember which blog I saw this done on, but I can't. Apologies if it was on yours, please let me know and I will give you due credit.

Anyhoo, the idea is that you find a picture from your past and write about it. I don't have photos going back really far, mainly because I didn't get a decent camera until I got a decent husband.

This photo is from our July 2008 trip to the Red Centre. We took my cousin B4 with us, and had a wow of a time. This is the only photo of all three of us there.

We got really cheap flights to Alice Springs, and then rented the cheapest car we could and drove out to Ayer's Rock. (I know I am supposed to call it Uluru out of respect to the Aboriginal (or is that Aborigine??) people, but I believe that if you call it that it is really disrespectful to Mister Ayer (Who, incidentally, didn't even 'discover' it! His lackey did, who then named it after his boss! Idiot!!!!) So, I'm sticking with Ayer. Feel free to bag me for it in the comments section of the blog.)

Where was I? Oh yeah, the trip. So we drive for 450 kilometres in record time and stayed at Yulara for two sleeps. We crammed a LOT into that time. We looked at the rock at various times of the day and we also looked at Olgas. We swam and we walked and we BBQ'd. We saw camels and B4 did a LOT of sleeping, both in her bed and in the car. Chyken and I argued over the top bunk. Neither of us wanted it! Does this mean I am mature???

It was not my first visit there, nor B4's, but it was Chyken's. He reacted much like I presume I did way back in 1995. With absolute wonder. If you have never been there, you really should.

I remember thinking before I went the first time that I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about, it's just a rock, right? Well, yes, it is a rock, but I don't think you can go there and NOT be moved. It is one hell of a rock. I really am not good enough with words to explain it. I can only implore you to go!!! Go now!! (Well, make sure someone is feeding the cat, and that it is alright with your boss first, OK???)

All in all though, we had a wonderful time. I really hope that one day we can take our kids there. It really is the heart and soul of Australia.

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  1. Aboriginal people (art, food, history) is correct, oh clever one. An Aborigine is an individual Aboriginal person!


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