Saturday, July 24, 2010

Perplexion at the Drive-Thru

At the risk of sounding like an old fart, I must tell you that I am baffled by the youth of today.

I went to McDonald's drive-thru on my way to work today. (Yes, work on a Saturday, bleurgh!). The voice in the box told me the price and I drove to the next window. I got there and handed the girl wearing far too much make-up (but that's a post for another time!) a $50 note. She took it from me and stared at the register for what seemed like forever. I asked her if everything was OK. She said 'Well, you gave me a $50 note, but I pressed the $20 button...'. There was another pause. I said 'Well, how about you just give me $30 on top of whatever it is telling you to give me?'. Another pause, and I could almost see the light bulb illuminate above her head. 'Oh, yeah, that would work, wouldn't it?'

Then she handed me my change (amazingly the correct amount!!) and I shook my head, collected my food and was on my way.

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