Saturday, April 4, 2015

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 Review - Picasso and Other Problems


Every year during MICF, Hannah Gadsby does a lecture at the National Gallery of Victoria. I'm not going to put a link to tickets on this review, because they are all gone, but get in early next year because they are always well worth seeing.

This year's topic was Picasso. Hannah thinks he is an arsehole and she isn't afraid to tell you why.  There's a lot of talk about one painting in particular, which was a shame, because I was sick of looking at it by the end.  Other years she has talked about lots of different artworks and why she loves/loathes them.  She also points out things I would never have noticed in them. and explains the symbolism. All this in a really amusing way.

I always leave these lectures knowing something I didn't before it started.

3/5 stars.

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