Sunday, April 12, 2015

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 Review - Le Noir

I don't why this is billed as part of the comedy festival, just extra advertising maybe?  In any case, it wasn't very funny.

It was expensive and I'm not sure where my money went. It didn't go on fabric for costumes (the majority of the cast spent most of their time in some kind of underwear) and it certainly didn't go on the chairs.  I paid extra for premium seating on the stage at the State Theatre. I was sitting behind the small circular stage where most of the action happened. Almost all the show was performed to those people sitting in the stalls of the actual theatre.

The ringmaster/clown person had no microphone, so I couldn't hear a word he said. His attempts at humour by getting people up from their seats to do things on the stage were long, drawn out and painful. There were a lot of acts that seemed the same. How many times can acrobats throw someone up and pretend they aren't going to catch them before it gets boring? I was over it by the third act to do the same thing.

The music was annoying and far too loud. However, I did like the lighting effects. And the performers themselves were very clever at what they do.

The Wheel Of Death thing at the end was great, but not worth the money I paid for the whole thing.

It would be fair to say that I was really disappointed in Le Noir. I really wanted to like it, but I just didn't. I've had much better nights at travelling circuses (circusi?) where I paid a quarter of what the ticket cost for this one.  And those ones have fairy floss!

1/5 stars

Tickets can be found here.

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