Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015 Review - David Williams

I first saw this guy years and years ago, I think at Stagetime and then definitely in a few comedy festival shows. I've looked for his name in the comedy festival guide every year since, but he hasn't been there and I've been really disappointed. David informs us at the start that he hasn't done a comedy festival show in eight years. I'm glad he's back!

Cool Genes Man is mainly about David being a sperm donor for some friends of his, but it has lots of other bits in it as well. I loved the section on cruise ships and even though I had heard it before, I really enjoyed the story about the party in Adelaide, it's one of my favourite comedy routines, so to hear it again was wonderful.

This show was worth it for the cockatoo impression alone.  There's two shows left, go see it!

4/5 stars

He's at Trades Hall, tickets here.

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