Monday, January 10, 2011

Gratitude in 2011

I want to thank you once again for the lovely messages, they mean a lot.  Please don't worry about me though, I'm feeling OK most of the time, but unfortunately I seem to post here more often on the days when I am not feeling so great... Going to make a big effort to celebrate the good! 

Despite feeling like crap, I have been cracking on with the BSEP. I am soooo unfit! I'm currently aiming for one episode of Friends, at least three times a week, and so far am hitting that target! Hopefully we'll see the results at Weight Watchers this week.

In other news, I made a Facebook page for this little blog.  Over on the right hand side of this page is a button that will take you to it, please click it! If you don't a fairy might die.  Do you want to take the chance? No, didn't think so!

I have decided to copy adopt something that one of my very favouite bloggers is doing this year... Gratitude in 2011. Katie is adding a short line to the bottom of all her posts telling everyone what she is grateful for that day.  It will take me five seconds, and will hopefully remind me of the good, not the bad!  Sometimes I might explain why I am thankful for it, other times I may not.

Today I am grateful for Chyken, who is working so hard to make our Castle our Home.

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