Saturday, January 29, 2011

How To - Chocolate Ripple Cake House

So, do you want to know how I made the house?  Here's how!

First you get yourself some Chocolate Ripple Biscuits and a whole lot of cream.  Whip that cream to within an inch of its life. Just so you know, I whip the cream with vanilla essence and castor sugar, but I forgot to include them in the photo, oops!  Also, I ended up needing to whip another 600mls of cream and using another two packets of biscuits.  Moral of the story?  You can NEVER have too much cream in CRC.  More is most definitely more!

Spread some cream on each biscuit and stick them to the plate so they don't move about.

Then stack those babies up.  Spread cream between each one (I find it easiest to spread the biscuit with cream then jam it on the top), remember that MORE is more!  Some people are stingy with the cream, but THEIR Chocolate Ripple Cake is not the stuff of legends like mine.  Decide what sort of CRC you want!

Keep stacking them up.  As you go, spread cream on the outside of the piles, this makes sure that all surfaces of the biscuits are covered and will go soft at the end.  I also break biscuits in half and shove them down the spaces between the stacks.


Keep going until all the stacks are the same height. 

Then cover the top with cream.  At this point the cake is pretty much square, so your possibilities are endless.  I have used square ones to make 'presents' (just add a ribbon at the end) and as a simple birthday cake, it has a lovely flat surface that is great to write a message on.  You can also tint the cream whatever colour you like with food colouring. 


Now, it is roof time.  I had to enlist the spatial ability of Chyken.

Stack them up, cream between each layer like before.


This is the point at which I realised I would need another 600mls of cream. I whipped that up and then I covered the house.  Thickly.


Cover the whole lot in cream.  Lots of cream.  More than you think.  The biscuits absorb the cream, so if it's not thick, by the time you serve it there will be ugly brown patches all over your cake.

I chopped up extra biscuits for the door and windows and whacked 'em on the cream.  Then I put it in the fridge.  It is important that you chill it for at least 8 hours (or overnight, whichever is longer).  If you don't, I cannot be held responsible for how your cake will turn out.


You now have yourself the easiest and yummiest dessert known to man.  And woman. 

Slice it up and enjoy it!

Today I am grateful for leftover Chocolate Ripple Cake.


  1. YUM!

    I love reading your posts. I am a HUGE fan of not only Australian accents, but for proper English. Had I not done a whole stack of articles on English grammar last week, the reference to biscuits would have been lost on me. For a second. ;)

    That cake looks DELISH!

  2. Oh Heather, it tastes wonderful!! The concept would work with any chocolate biscuit I reckon (or cookie as you people call them!), you should make one! I think oreos would be amazing!

    (P.S. Thanks for all your comments on my other posts! I hope you haven't frozen to death over there!)


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