Monday, June 13, 2011

Extra Special Choc, Eh?

Dear Pascall,

Thankyou for being the producer of so many yummy things, I buy them often and usually enjoy them all immensely.  However, There is something we need to talk about.

The Eclair packet I purchased today was emblazened with the words 'New! Extra Special Choc Centre'.

They taste anything BUT extra, let alone special.

Please return to your original recipe as soon as possible or I will have no choice but to stop buying them.

Please do not ignore this reasonable request or I will also cease the purchase of your marshmallows and we all know how much THAT will hurt you.




  1. You're right - that's just not on. Why do they change things that work!!!

  2. Just a curious that Sprite bottle blue?

    Here, Sprite Zero is in a clear bottle with a green lid. :)

  3. It IS a blue bottle! And lid!

    Regular Sprite here has a bright green bottle, not sure about the lid!

    It's weird how things are the same, but different.


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