Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Volume Two

This weekend was a good one. 

We went to the zoo!

We rode the carousel. 

We watched the planes. 

We burnt stuff. 

We had fireside snacks. 

We went to the theatre. 

I had a Kiev Parma at Mrs Parmas. 

Why yes, it was a very good weekend indeed. 

How was yours?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Volume One

Eleventy billion years ago, I used to join in on a link-up with other bloggers called 'Bits Of My Weekend'. The blog that hosted it has long since been deleted, but it was a linky I really loved. Seeing how everyone spends their time and watching seasons change all over the world made me smile.

So, I've decided to start up my own and it shall henceforth be know as the Weekend Wrap Up.
I would love you to join in, if you like.  Please put a link to it in the comments if you do!  You can use words, pictures, videos, interpretive dance or any other medium you like to show us how you spent your weekend.

Without further ado, I present to you... My Weekend Wrap Up!

We spent most of this weekend inside theatres. Mind you, inside theatres is one of my very favourite places to be.

First up was Show Boat at the State Theatre. I've never seen this show before. The alternative title could be 'Two Songs and a Sprinkling of Racism'. (The two songs being 'Old Man River' and 'Can't Help Loving That Man') All the performers and the band were great, it's just not going onto my list of favourite shows. 

This is the curtain in the State Theatre. That's real gold, people!

It was back into Melbs on Saturday arvo to Hamer Hall.

We saw Rolling Thunder Vietnam. The music in this was most excellent. (And so it should have been, the guys playing it are all members of Mr Farnham's band!). However, the show itself seemed unable to decide if it was a concert or a play. 

Next stop: this. 

That night was a very exciting time.  I relived my teenage years and saw the Doug Anthony All Stars. 

As a V.I.P. no less! (That just meant I paid more and got dinner included)

Oh! And dessert!

They were brilliant. I made the trek earlier in the year to see them in Canberra. That show was more of a trip down memory lane. This one included a lot more new material. The Dougs are always going to be my comedy first love. 

All this theatre-ing requires snacks!

Sunday night was spent with some good friends and some excellent food.  Including this Toblerone Cheesecake!

How was your weekend?  

Care to share some snippets in your own post?  

Should I bother to find out how to put one of those linky widget thingos in next week?

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