Thursday, November 25, 2010

Son Of A Singer

Just a little something that you might enjoy...  You might also see some familiar faces...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The End


We've reached the end of the 30 Day Blog Challenge!  It was fun, yes?  I think so.

Here are the last three questions and answers...

28. Kids say the darnedest things. What is something silly a child you know has said recently?
It's not really recently, but on my wedding day, my godson/nephew was a page boy.  He watched me go into the room to get my wedding dress on, and when I came out of the bedroom he said in a booming voice "Abracadabra!  She's a bride!" 

The Author, in the only dress she owns.

29. What superpower would you most want to have and why?
Invisibility.  I'd really like to be able to be a fly on the wall and see what people really think about me.

30. What is your favourite thing to either cook or bake?
I love to bake cakes, slices and biscuits.  Yum yum yum!  And lasagne.  And Jo's Surprise.  Really I just love to cook!

Bummer, now I'll have to think of my own content for this blog!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flying Traditions

Day 874,582 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge brings us the following questions and answers:

22. What was one of your favorite games or activities when you were a kid?
Fly.  It is a game that seems to be only known and played by students at St Mary's College.  It involved running, jumping and bamboo sticks.  If you didn't go to St Mary's and you have heard of this game, please let me know!  I was also fond of board games and any other non-physical activities.  Not much has changed.

23. What is one tradition that you do with your family?
We eat Red Tulip After Dinner mints at Christmas.  They are getting harder and harder to find though.  If you see them this year, please let me know where I can get them!!

24. You’re leaving on a jet plane. Where are you headed and why?
Ohhh.. Anywhere!!!  But I think top pick would be Europe, followed very closely by America.

25. What is your favorite Bible verse?
I don't really have one.  I like the ones we had at our wedding 'You are the salt of the earth', 'Love is patient and kind' and something about love being like a gazelle.

26. Share some highlights from the month.
The highlight for this month is almost getting to the end of this challenge.  And not dying from pneumonia. 

27. Tell us about a concert you once went to.
Oh Mr Farnham - You are always superb, at every concert of yours I have ever been to.  Amen.
There are only three questions left in the challenge... The end is in sight!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 Questions

Shhhh!  I can hear what you're saying... Will she ever finish the 30 Day Blog Challenge?  Maybe I will and, maybe I won't, OK?  I've had a lot going on.  More about that in another post.  Soon.  Maybe.  If I can work up the courage to actually hit 'Publish Post'.

Anyhoo... On to the 20 questions... Play along at Meet Me At Mike's if you like...

1. Sweet or Savoury?

2. Dresses or Jeans?

3. House or Apartment?

4. Shop Online or Offline?

5. DVDs or Downloads?

6. Cocktails or Juice?

7. Chocolate or Strawberry?

8. Laptop or PC?

9. Magazines or Newspapers?

10. Facebook or Twitter?

11. CDs or MP3s?

12. Kids or Pets?

13. Macaron or Cupcakes?

14. Walk or Run?

15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out?

16. Market or Supermarket?

17. Sourdough or Grainy?

18. Heels or Flats?

19. Late nights or Not?

20. Coffee or Tea?
Here are my answers:
1. Sweet or Savoury?
Sweet.  Sometimes savoury, but almost always sweet. 

2. Dresses or Jeans?
Jeans.  I don't own any dresses except my wedding dress.

3. House or Apartment?

4. Shop Online or Offline?
I hate shopping, but if I have to do it, I would prefer to do it online.

5. DVDs or Downloads?
Downloads, unless it is too obscure, then I buy it. Sugar & Spice is the latest example of this... Matthew Newton before he grew up and started bashing girls.  Too cute!

6. Cocktails or Juice?
Cocktails, if I'm going to consume liquid calories it had better be worth it.

7. Chocolate or Strawberry?
Chocolate.  Unless it's a Freddo Frog.  Although I guess that's both.  Yay!

8. Laptop or PC?
PC.  I long for a laptop.  Chyken says no.

9. Magazines or Newspapers?
Magazines.  Newspapers are so awkward!
10. Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook.  I don't understand Twitter.  There was a time when I didn't understand Facebook though, so perhaps I'll get on board with Twitter one day.  At the moment it seems like Facebook without the fun. I'm willing to admit that this is my perception though, not fact.

11. CDs or MP3s?
MP3's.  (See also question 5)

12. Kids or Pets?
Right now, pets.  Someday, kids.

13. Macaron or Cupcakes?
Cupcakes.  Or normal cake.  Mainly cupcakes.

14. Walk or Run?
Walk.  I do not run.  It is not fun nor is it attractive to onlookers.

15. Breakfast in Bed or Breakfast Out?
oooh... this is a hard one.  I think out, I love Eggs Benedict, and I have not yet mastered hollandaise sauce.

16. Market or Supermarket?
Supermarket, I like airconditioning.

17. Sourdough or Grainy?
Sourdour.  I do not like lumps in my food.  (Unless they are chocolate chips)

18. Heels or Flats? 
Flats, unless I feel like tripping over.

19. Late nights or Not?
Not.  I need about a million years of beauty sleep.

20. Coffee or Tea?
Neither really, more a hot chocolate kind of lass.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Port and Peanuts

I miss you, Dad. 

In no particular order, some of the things I miss are...

* You calling me Jobee

* Your singing

* You calling me on the phone, even if you only ever did it to tell me someone had died

* You sitting in your chair rusting the newspaper

* How the world had to stand still for the news headlines and the weather

* How you would call anything you didn't quite understand 'A load of rot'

* You teaching me things

* How you always thought Sex and the City was 'trash', even though you'd never seen a minute of it.  I think there was an article in the paper condemning it when it first came out and that was enough for you.

* How you used to pretend that you hated it when I cooked lasagne.

* The twinkle in your eye when you were shit-stirring me or someone else.

* How when the cooking was left to you it was ALWAYS chops, boiled potatoes and beans

* Hearing you talk about your childhood

* How you had a glass of port in the evenings

* Buying you peanuts and licorice and humbugs and scorched almonds and the latest Melways

* How you took a chocolate every time the box was passed around, but didn't eat them until later, and
after I had scoffed mine you wouldn't share your stored ones

* How you always disappeared just as tea was put on the table

* How you always had a hanky

* Watching you with your grandkids

* How you always had a biscuit for morning and afternoon tea.  Thanks for eating the crap ones like the Morning Coffee and Nice ones, because no one likes them

* You saying 'Never mind, you'll be right', when I was upset

* You tending my garden.  If you were here you would be helping to make the castle grounds look amazing

* How you accepted me, just the way I am.

I'm even starting to miss your whistling.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

These photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with the 'Instagram' application.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Remember The Bucket List

Cracking on with the 30 Day Blog Challenge then.. orright?

Question 18. What do you feel has been one of your biggest accomplishments?

I'm sitting in it.  We built a house.  Well, actually, that's not exactly true, we didn't actually BUILD it.  We went to a bank and asked them for some money, and then we took that money to a builder and THEY built the house.  We did get to choose the tiles and paint though, and we get to pay it off for the next... umm... I dunno... Forever!  I'm well chuffed.  I'm also pretty proud of myself for finding (in ALL the world) my other half.  My Chyken.

19. Take a photo today and share it with us.

See the blog post below this one and you shall find the photograph you seek.

20. What are 5 things on your bucket list?

I've never really thought about a bucket list.  Here's one I made up, just now. 
In no particular order I want to:
a) Get to my 'goal' weight.
b) Have kids.
c) Go back to Austria London Scotland France Belgium Europe.
d) Learn how to use our fancy pants camera.
e) Own a holiday house by the sea.

21. Share a random high school memory.

I remember lots of things about high school... I remember being excellent at English in Year 8.  There were a few of us that were better at English than the teacher was, so much so that he used to get us to teach the class.  I also remember Mr Hawkey having the scariest sneeze EVER.  If he sneezed in the classroom next to ours everyone would jump.  I remember all the fun we had doing the school plays, which, on reflection, were terrible and I'm sorry I made my family come and see them.  I remember lots of stuff about high school, and most of it is good.

The Author and her Chyken on Honeymoon

In pneumonia news, Chyken is doing much better and went back to work today.  He is very tired, but on the mend I think.  I am still coughing up things all day and night and I have hardly any voice left, but I think I will live.
What's news in your corner of the world?  Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!
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