Monday, July 31, 2017

Austrexit Trip 2017 - Volume One

We're on a big adventure! Europe and the U.K. for six weeks. I am going to attempt to update the blog, mainly as a record my myself to be honest, but maybe you'll enjoy reading it too!

A couple of things before we start:
1. I'm posting this on the iPad, so the formatting might be a bit dodgy, sorry in advance.
2. A bit of backstory: 10 years ago my parents went to Europe, and we smuggled a toy beaver in their luggage. We expected them to return with a couple of photos of him. They came back with over 200 photographs of that toy, at the Eiffel Tower, Edinburgh Castle, with the Loch Ness Monster, etc. We had dinner at my mum's a couple of days before we left and unbeknownst to me, Mum sent my Dad's toy meerkat along with Terry. So the photos I will post below will include MeerKev, he's having a great time too!

It is a VERY long flight from Australia to Germany. 24 hours in a plane is not really my idea of fun,  but it is a means to an end and now we are HERE! It's fairly hot and the sun is still shining at 8pm, so that's weird.

We've come to Germany mainly to catch up with a friend I have not seen for 20 years. She was an exchange student at my high school and thanks to the wonder of Facebook we re connected a few years ago. It has been so wonderful to see her again, and to meet her family. Seriously considering stealing her little boy and taking him home.

Today they took us on a tour of Düsseldorf. When I say 'tour' I mean Terry drank a LOT of beer. There are a lot of beer halls here and not much else is open on a Sunday. We did also see a lot of old buildings, the river and a beautiful church. It's a beautiful place, and after a big sleep tonight we will explore more tomorrow.

Here's a stack of photos:

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