Sunday, January 3, 2016

Giveaway! Silvers Circus in Mornington and Noble Park!

Silvers Circus is setting up their big top in Mornington and Noble Park and you can win tickets to see them!  Read on to find out how!

Silvers Circus was established in 1976 and provides a top night out for young and old.

Here are just some of the acts you will see under the air conditioned big top!

•    Wheel of Steel. A young man with nerves of Steel, Dominik Gasser will run, jump, skip and flip through a routine of sheer physical ordacity, just as the apparatus he challenges defies description. Its wheels osolate and revolve from group level to dizzying heights. This spectacle will leave you chewing your nails and squirming in your seats! The Wheel of Steel…. (for strong constitutions only!!)

•    The Globe of Death. The world famous Phoenix Riders speed around inside a 3-1/2 meter diameter metal globe on motorbikes, missing each other by mere millimetres.

•    Hoola Hoops.  Up to 80 hoola hoops at once are managed while a balancing act is taking place upon a mobile mirror ball all at the same time

•    Clowns.  Expect the unexpected.  This act is guaranteed to tickle the funny bone

•    The Roman Rings. A very unique act which is performed with extreme strength and elegance. Little girls will be amazed by the beauty and grown men in awe of the control and physicality.

•    Illusionist.  Ringmaster Simon Tait has over 25 years’ experience in circus and will mesmerise the audience with his celebrated illusions and audience repour.

•    NEW – The Bicycle Act - Justin Valise is a professional idiot specializing in stupidity and acrobatics on a bicycle. Trained at the school of hard knocks and inspired by Murphy’s Law i.e. “what can go wrong will go wrong,” Justin has created an act that wrestles with the unexpected and lives up to the challenge, “the show must go on.” With hard work and some measure of good fortune, Justin has managed to combine the theatricality of a modern day fool with the physical skills of an acrobat to create distinctive and engaging entertainment.

I wish the Bicycle Act had been there when I saw this circus in Gisborne, it sounds amazing! You can read my review of that night here!

Tickets start from just $20 and can be booked here: 

Silvers Circus is showing at the following places and times:

•    Beta Show Grounds, 1158 Nepean Highway, Mornington        4th to 26th January , 2016
•    Sandown Park Hotel Car Park, Princes Highway, Noble Park        29th January – 21st February, 2016

I have three family passes (2 adults and 2 kids valued at $120 each) to give away to shows at both Mornington AND Noble Park!

Tickets for Mornington are for the show at 8pm on Saturday 16th January.

Tickets for Noble Park are for the showat 8pm on Saturday 6th February.

All you need to do is fill out the one of the forms below and tell me in about 25 words why you would like to run away with the circus. The answer that amuses or confuses our judge the most will win! (If you want, you can enter twice, but you are only eligible to win once)

Entries close at 5pm AEDT on Saturday January 9th and the winners will be notified shortly afterwards.

Fill out this form if you want to win tickets to the Mornington show... 


Fill out this form if you want to win tickets to the Noble Park show...

Good luck!
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