Friday, October 28, 2011

Things I Know - Volume Seven

I know I'm linking up with Shae from Yay for Home!  I'm also flogging this with Glowless from Where's My Glow?

I know that I'll have to put the button and link in later cos I'm posting this from my iPhone and if there's a way to do it from here I'm yet to figure it out I know I CAN do it from a PC.

I know that I've really enjoyed a week of afternoon shift.

I know I'm looking forward to a week of night shift next week.

I know I'm pissed off that I have to trek halfway around the universe to take my iPhone to get looked at cos it keeps randomly turning itself off.

I know the iPhone will behave perfectly during my appointment with an Apple 'Genius'.

I know I might cry if they don't just give me a new one.

I know it has been too long since I have spent proper time with my sister.

I know I'm gonna try and fix that this weekend.

I know today is the last Friday of the month and is therefore Cake Day at work.

I know Cake Day seems to come around too fast lately.

I don't feel that I know too much at the moment.

I know cancer is bullshit.


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Things I Know - Volume Six

I know I'm linking up again with Shae from Yay for Home!

I know that I have today off, which means I will be spending most of the day in here...

I know that I would LOVE to be at the Problogger training day, but when the tickets were released I decided to keep my annual leave for a big road trip to NSW we are planning for January so I didn't get myself a ticket.

I know I volunteered to cover someone else's shift this weekend and as a result I am having today off, so I could have gone!  Dammit!  I will have to watch the twitter stream instead.

I know that we have a winner for the Getting Naked 'The Dating Game' book! 

I know that the third comment on the post was left by Erin at eat play bond. Congratulations!  An email will be heading your way shortly!

I know that Chyken has done some amazing things in our garden.  So many flowers are about to bloom!

I know that people who do not know the full story should shut their fucking mouths and stop starting rumours.
I know that Black & Gold frozen puff pastry seems to be missing the puff. 

I know I will just buy the expensive pastry next time.

I know that according to Klout I am influential about bacon.

I know this makes me happier than it probably should.

I know I am ever so grateful to have my sister in my life.  She stands up for me when others should, but don't.

I know I love it when people I admire follow me back on Twitter.

I know that I have not really enjoyed the little taste of summer that Melbournetown has experienced this week.

I know that if you haven't already you should like Chickens and Bees on Facebook!

I know that next door where they are building the units there was an accident yesterday...

I know the accident involved the big orange yellow digger contraption and OUR FENCE!

I know the man who drives the BOYDC has promised it will be fixed.

I know I'm not holding my breath.

I know that I really shouldn't watch Four Weddings cos it just makes me angry, but I do anyway.

I know that if there was a photo booth when I married Chyken we would have got some great photos, but alas, they were not the done thing back then.

I know we had a completely amazing wedding anyway and I loved every minute of the day!  I might even do a post about it sometime.

I know that I hope you have an amazing weekend, spare a thought for me stuck at work, won't you?

What do YOU know?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Like A Living Stone - Part Two

Remember Gerald, the Living Stone?

I thought it was time for an update on his progress.

This is what he looks like now...

Yes.  I know.  I killed him!

I didn't mean to, I really didn't.  I loved him with all my heart.  I watered him, not too much and not too little.  When he started looking a bit sick I thought it might have been becuase he was inside so I took him home and put him on the sunny kitchen window ledge.  It didn't work.  He just got sicker and sicker until he finally shrivelled up and died.

Before you get too mad at me, I want to tell you that the girl who gave him to me also had a Living Stone of her own.  When Gerald started looking sick, hers still looked fine so I told her to take it to the sun.  She did this, but hers died too.

It's a sad day for lovers of plants that look like rocks everywhere.  It's not the first time I've killed plants and I doubt very much it will be the last.

RIP Gerald.

Do you have a green or a black thumb?

Today I am linking up with Jess from Diary of a SAHM for I Blog On Tuesdays.

There's still time to enter the Getting Naked Giveaway!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Silly Siri

On Friday Chyken and I got a new iPhone 4S each.  Chyken got a boring black one but mine is white and very shiny.  Naturally it have put it in a purple case so I know it is mine.

Given that it has all the same apps that my old iPhone 3GS had on it, I'm not finding it too much different.

Except for Siri.

Silly, silly Siri.

You can talk to her.  Talking to her is much like talking to an old PC program from my youth. 

Does anyone else remember Eliza, who was a 'psychiatrist'?  There are LOTS of similarities.  When I asked Siri how she was today she replied with 'We are talking about you'.  Unlike Eliza though, she doesn't terminate herself when you swear at her.  I tried that and she just changes the words.  I said 'You're a c**t' and she said 'What about Your Account?'.  True story.

However, she is a master of the quick quip.  This is my favourite so far.

Well played, Siri, well played.

P.S. Have you entered the Getting Naked Giveaway yet?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

He Did What?

A Chickens and Bees tale appeared somewhere else yesterday.

It was a guest post on a wonderful blog called Where's My Glow?


You should totally head on over and read it...

He Did What?

Make sure you check out the rest of the blog while you're there.

Have you entered the Getting Naked Giveaway yet????

Happy Thursday!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Naked! {Review, Invitation & GIVEAWAY!}

Relax!  It's not me Getting Naked!  And not Chyken either. 

Getting Naked Pty Ltd was founded by Tamra Mercieca.  The Dating Game is the first of a series of books and takes you under the covers to reveal the raw truth about relationships. It's designed to entertain and inspire ladies and gents to create the life they wish to lead.  You can buy the book at all good bookstores or online and even as an ebook!

Tamra bares all as she indulges in flirtatious flings and romantic rendezvous with potential suitors. Stripping back the layers this playful peach’s dating escapades turn into a journey of self-discovery, as she explores all that’s stopped her from finding true love.

She learns to see the reflection in every fanciful date, Tamra soon discovers the importance of developing a healthy and nurturing relationship with herself. No matter what the outcome of each humorous, and at times sad interaction with the male species, she is left with the thread required to stitch up her tattered ego.

I loved The Dating Game.  Even though it has been a long time since I was in 'The Dating Game' myself, I found the stories and advice in it entertaining and interesting anyway.  I can only imagine how relevant it would be if I was still 'on the scene' so to speak.

Tamra used herself as a guinea pig to write the book.  Realising the power self love and self belief have on the way we live our lives, Tamra founded Getting Naked Pty Ltd, offering online seminars and playful product lines designed to help people fill their own personal love tank, so they too could live a happy and fulfilling life.

Tamra says loving and accepting yourself completely is the key to creating a prosperous reality. ‘Self love translates into confidence. And we all know that when a person is confident, they perform better at work, interact easily with others, and never worry about judgements and criticisms form others.  Even a person’s health improves; you would never put a toxic substance into your body if you loved yourself 100%!’ 

Tamra is a life coach and can help you with ALL aspects of your life.  As well as all this she has been known to strut her stuff on stage, playing drums and winning pin-up competitions. Find out more at  You can also follow Tamra on Twitter.

The Getting Naked series of books is only part of the story.  Starting next week is a telecourse called Remarkable Relationships.  What makes 'Remarkable Relationships' stand out from the rack of other self-development courses on offer? They not only help you remove the negative beliefs (or hurdles) stopping you achieving your goals, they bring in specialist trainers to teach you the techniques required to remove them yourself! That's right. They will give you the needle and thread to stitch up any holes in your life so you can become self sufficient in reaching for the stars. 

The Dating Game is being launched with a Getting Naked Pty Ltd Festival on Wednesday.  Yes, THIS Wednesday October 12th at the Precinct Hotel in Richmond, Victoria and you're all invited!!!  Chyken and I will be there, along with Tamra (obviously) and some very special guests.

Now for the really big news!  Thanks to Getting Naked Pty Ltd we have a signed copy of The Dating Game (RRP $30)  to giveaway to one lucky Chickens and Bees reader!

All you need to do to win is:

1. Be a follower of Chickens and Bees

2. Leave a comment below telling me about your biggest dating disaster or triumph. 

3. For a bonus entry 'Like' Getting Naked on Facebook and leave me a comment telling me you did. 

4. For another bonus entry share this on Twitter (It would be great if you mention  Chickens and Bees and/or Tamra in the tweet, and then leave a comment so I can include you in the draw)

5. For another bonus entry share this on Facebook. (Tagging
Chickens and Bees and Getting Naked when you share it would be grand, and leave another comment so I can keep track!)

6. Make sure I have some way of contacting you so I can tell you if you win!

Entries are only open to people with an Australian postal address and entries will close next Wednesday October 19th at 5pm AEST.  I will choose a winner randomly and announce it here shortly after.

The Fine Print:
This is NOT a sponsored post, but in the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I have known Tamra in the real world for a number of years, however even if I didn't I would still love this book. I approached her to arrange this giveaway and she was happy to oblige.  All opinions are my own.  If I am unable to contact the winner and/or do not hear back from them within 24 hours I reserve the right to redraw the prize.  This prize cannot be claimed as cash etc blah blah blah. Amen.  Kthxbai!

Good Luck!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Thing - A Winner!

Congratulations to Eveline who will be going to see a special preview of The Thing on Wednesday night.  Well done!

For everyone else... I have ANOTHER giveaway (I know, right?!!??) coming up!  I'm just finalising the details and then I'll put them up.  You're gonna LOVE it!


Watch this space!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Thing - A Giveaway!

It's a very special day here at Chickens and Bees.  It's the first giveaway we've ever had!

Up for grabs is a pass to admit two people to a special advance preview screening of The Thing.

Haven't heard of The Thing?  It's a prequel to the 1982 movie of the same name.  It's rated MA.

Here's the trailer....

So, I hear you saying, what's the catch?  Well, there is a small catch, the ticket is ONLY valid for a cinema in the CBD of Melbourne and it is ONLY valid for the preview session which is happening at 6:30pm next Wednesday the 12th of October.

Enough with the details I can hear you saying, how do I win???

Well, all you need to to do is:

1. Be able to get into the CBD of Melbourne next Wednesday evening.

2. Be a follower of Chickens and Bees.

3. Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite Thing is.

4. For a bonus entry share this on Twitter (It would be great if you mention Chickens and Bees in the tweet, and then leave a comment so I can include you in the draw)

5. For another bonus entry share this on Facebook. (Tagging Chickens and Bees when you share it would be grand, and leave another comment so I can keep track!)

6. Make sure I have some way of contacting you so I can tell you if you win!

I'll close off entries at 7pm on Monday October 10 and randomly draw a winner shortly after that.  If I cannot contact you I will have to redraw.

What are you waiting for, get entering!!!

The Fine Print:
I was lucky enough to win these tickets, but I can't use them, so I thought I would pass my good fortune on to one of you!  No one associated with the cinema or the movie has any idea who I am or that I am doing this.  My decision is final blah blah blah.  Amen.  Kthxbai.

Please only enter if you can use the tickets!!!

Good Luck!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Things I Know - Volume Five

Linking up again with Shae from Yay for Home!

I know our new TV is super big and super awesome.

I know that the new TV cabinet and way we have the lounge room set up now makes the room seem much bigger.

I know that pulling a muscle in your neck is NOT awesome.

I know that codeine IS awesome.

I know that having dinner every week with some of my favourite people is fantastic.

I know I have missed my sister while she has been away and I'm glad she's on her way home.

I know wish I had someone to clean the shower, it's the job I hate the most.

I know we have two of the strangest cats ever.

I know one of them thinks she is a crocodile.

I know I wouldn't swap them for anything.

I know I'm a bit addicted to Twitter.  (Are you?  Look me up!)

I know I don't spend anywhere near as much time on Facebook since I fell in love with Twitter.

I know there are far worse things I could be addicted to.

I know that one of my godsons turns 1 this week and there's gonna be a great party tomorrow to celebrate.

I know there will be cake.

I know there will be pizza after the party.

I know that Chickens and Bees is hosting its first ever giveaway and it is starting tomorrow!

I know you should check back here tomorrow for details!

I know you should click on the button and go and see what other people know...

I know you should then tell everyone what YOU know!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's a funny old thing, blame.

I always thought that if something went wrong, there had to be someone at fault.  My shrink is trying to introduce me to the concept of no blame.  Apparently, things can be no-one's fault.  Did you know this?  I most certainly did not.

He says that if I understand the 'no blame' thing, then I will find coping with my PTSD easier and be able to move forward.

I'm trying, I really am.  But it is really hard when other people are blaming me for things that are not my fault. 

Why should I try so hard to understand it if they don't?

Why should I put all my energy into blaming no one when they are putting lots of energy into blaming me?

Why should I blame no one when I haven't even had an apology?

Why should I bother when my feelings are so easily dismissed?

It's too hard to think about. 

It all hurts too much. 

Much easier to blame myself,.

After all, I've been blamed for everything all my life.

Julia Roberts explained it in Pretty Woman, 'The bad stuff is easier to believe'.

If only that wasn't true.

If only I could believe this picture:

But I don't.

Blame.  I has it.

(I am OK, really I am.  But this post has been floating around in my head for a while and today it decided to come out.)
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