Sunday, September 13, 2015

Canvas Factory Review

I was given a voucher to use at the Canvas Factory website. All opinions in this review are mine.

We got married in 2008.  We spent a fair amount of our wedding budget on a photographer, with the idea that one day we would actually do something with the wonderful photos he took. A couple of years after the wedding I popped some into an album, by way of one of those companies that let you design your own online and then they print it. It turned out really well, but by the time I included all the photos I wanted it turned out to be pretty expensive.  I always had plans to get one blown up to put on the wall, but life got in the way and it never happened.

Enter, the Canvas Factory!

I was approached recently to see if I wanted to review their products and seeing an opportunity to beat my procrastination at its own game, I jumped at the chance!

The process is simple, you jump onto their easy to navigate website, choose a photo (or photos!) you want to work with and upload it following the instructions. Then you choose what you want your photo printed on (they do canvas (der!) acrylic glass and also aluminum) make a decision about what size, pay the very reasonable price and then they post it to you! Shipping is capped at $14.95, but if you order over $100 worth, they'll send it to you free!

Mine arrived a few weeks ago, and whenever I walk by it, I can't help but smile. I've seen canvas prints that my friends have had done via other online means that shall remain nameless, and in my opinion, the quality of Canvas Factory is much better. The colours seem richer, the image sharper. The only problem I'm having is that I can't decide where in my house to put it. I'm currently trialling several different spots.

This is a bad photo of a GREAT print. Apologies!

If you head over to the Canvas Factory site now, you can get 70% off, just because you are buying direct. Give them a go, you won't be sorry!

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Better Place? Nope.


If you are planning to go to visit a grieving family after the death of a loved one, and the best thing you can think of to say is 'Well, at least they're in a better place now', stay home.

I understand that you THINK you are saying something helpful, but you are not.

Even if that magical 'better place' is something you strongly believe in, I'm here to tell you that unless you are 100% sure the grieving person has the same beliefs as you, it will not help. In fact, it is downright upsetting.

Unless you have actually died and been to this other magical place that is 'better', you don't know, so please don't say you do.

Someone came to visit us after my Dad died and said exactly that. Almost six years later I can't help thinking about it more often than I'd like to, and it still makes me sad when I think about it.  It is in no way helpful when the only thing you want is that person to not be dead.

While I'm here, don't say things like 'at least it was quick' or 'at least you had time to say goodbye'. You probably think that is comforting too, but it is not. It's no consolation that it was quick, it still happened.  Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone knowing it might be the last time you will see them?  What on earth do you say to them? How many false alarm goodbyes do you go through?

It's also a bad idea to ask grieving people if there is anything you can do.  They won't know, or be able to put into words the things they need. Much better to arrive (with food is never a bad idea, there are tonnes of people coming and going and they all need snacks)

All you need to say to a grieving person is simple: 'I'm so sorry this happened. I love you. Would you like a cheezel biscuit?'

Thursday, September 3, 2015

An Open Letter To Circus Latino

Dear Circus Latino,

I saw your show in Sunbury last night and really loved the Acro-Catz and Matilda the clown. And the fairy floss.

However, I feel I must say something about your mime artist.

The way he treated the woman he picked out of the crowd and got up on the stage was revolting.

She clearly did not want to take her clothes off, and yet he was insisting she did.

He climbed into her lap and then he tricked her into letting him kiss her on the mouth.

This is sexual assault and it is NOT OK to treat women like this.

It is less than OK to do this in front of a crowd of children who may now think this is an acceptable way to treat other people.

I sincerely hope you will re-think this part of your show, sooner rather than later.



P.S. Please include more Acro-Catz, they really were the highlight!

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