About Me!

Hi!  I'm Jo! 

I live just outside Melbourne, in Australia. 

I'm pretty good at baking, spelling, and being in charge of the remote control. I love visiting lame tourist attractions (or as we call it, going on Craptastic Adventures), going to see live theatre and comedy and eating fairy floss, Jaffas, kabana, and things that I have baked.

I cannot sleep if the door to the wardrobe is open or the buttons on the doona cover aren't at the foot of the bed.

When I thought I would have a go at this blogging caper I wanted a name that would grow with me and my life.  I didn't want to call it something that limited what I could write about and I didn't want the title to include my real name.  I ended up settling on Chickens and Bees.

It has no real 'theme', just lots about the things we get up to.  Chickens and Bees started when we were building our first home, the Castle.  I was also trying to deal with the sudden loss of my Dad

Why Chickens? 

Before I met my beloved, (around these parts he is known as Chyken), he was quite fond of chickens.  While not actually owning a real one, his house was filled with various statues, coasters and hats all bearing images of the bird. We now have our own chickens! We call them Bok Bok Pussybirds and they are so cute. Their names are John, Paul, George and Ringo and the eggs they produce are delicious!

Why Bees?

Before my beloved met me, I was quite fond of the bee.  Ironically, I am allergic to real ones, but when I was younger I loved Romper Room. So much so that my Dad used to call me Doob, or JoBee.  When I discovered eBay, one of my first purchases was a Mr Doobee stuffed toy.  Everyone in my life cottoned on to this and I had lots of bee-adorned things.  From t-shirts to incense holders and even a bee pinata.

Our wedding cake figurines!

If you want to understand more about me, please read this: Not A Fairy Tale.  It explains a lot.

The Castle

This is our story...

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