Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Volume Five

Chyken's Birthday Weekend!

In summary, a great time was had by all, and I may well have bought him the best present ever. 

How was your weekend?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Volume Four

A quiet weekend this time. Mostly spent getting the Castle ready for Chyken's birthday party next week. 

We had a mate visiting, so we tested out Chyken's new fire pit. Which was just as well, because the base the metal bowl was sitting in pretty much exploded. It has since been returned and we got our money back. 

Played the Logo Board game. I'm quite good at it!

I made the Tupperware cupboard my bitch. 


Then I made the pantry my bitch. 

Meatloaf ready for the oven...

Meatloaf get in my belly!

If there's a better way to end a weekend than with golden syrup dumplings, I'm yet to find it!

So tell me, how was your weekend?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up - Volume Three

Week three, in which we celebrate my birthday weekend with:



Magical Mystery Birthday Tours!


Chicken Delights! (That's the actual name!!)

Ghost tours! 





And last but certainly not least, with.... Love!

Care to Wrap Up your Weekend? Please leave me a link in the comments if you do!

Friday, September 5, 2014

A Tale of Stolen Cheezels

The following is a letter I sent to The Age:
To whom it may concern,
Recently, The Age online posted a great album on the Essential Kids section, entitled “What did your childhood taste like?”  This appealed to me, so I entered the online gallery, found at this URL:
The gallery starts with the first of 54 pictures, depicting a chocolate milkshake.  This picture was credited to a “Kimberley Hasselbrink”.  Delicious!, I thought, as I hurriedly hovered my mouse over the right-hand arrow.  Whatever could constitute the next 53 delicious morsels (om nom nom nom…)?
As my finger gracefully clicked down upon the mouse button, I saw with joy, that picture 2 of 54 depicted God’s gift of cheezy greezy nomminess, Cheezels. Delicious!, but hmmm…. Deliciously familiar, thought I. The caption underneath the image belays the truth – “Best eaten off every finger”, alas no credit.  To whom could this image of calorific goodness be attributed?
The answer, kind sir, c'est moi. Jo.  The original image, which I took using my own iPhone almost three years ago, is located on my blog here.
I feel that in lieu of the journalist forking out for a packet of Cheezels and tapping one of The Age’s photographers on the shoulder, a quick romp through Google image search delivered MY image.  Two more clicks, and you could have seen the origin of the page.
I am disappointed with the lack of professional ethics and courtesy shown by The Age.  I feel that best practice should demonstrate a sense of fairness and reciprocity involved in the online (and real-life) world. If I used an image from The Age without permission AND for purely commercial purposes, I’d have lawyers staving my fancy-pants front door in.
I respectfully ask for one of two solutions to this issue:
1.       1. The Age removes my image from the website and issue a formal apology; or
2.       2. The Age continue to use my image WITH the addition of a reference to the origin, i.e.
I feel that the latter is far more practical, reciprocal, and continues to provide a wonderful product for your readers.
Kind regards (and significantly more Cheezels),
I eventually got a reply via email:
Hi Jo,
We are very sorry that in this case our producer did not seek permission for image use nor provide proper attribution. I have now added your website to the caption and counselled the team on proper use of images.
Thanks and regards,
The Age
I'm calling this a big win for the little people!
Have you had things stolen from your blog?  How freaking good are Cheezels?

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