Monday, April 18, 2016

Adventures in Online Shopping

The one where you buy something on eBay and it never arrives.

You contact the seller and they say 'Oops! We never actually had that item.'

They refund your money, but the item is still listed for sale.

You leave them fair and honest feedback and mark it as 'negative' because that is what the whole experience has been.

You notice that there are a LOT of other comments there saying similar things.

Then they start emailing you every three days practically begging you to change the feedback to positive.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jurassic Creatures - Review

We were given a family pass to check out Jurassic Creatures by the wonderful people at Cavanagh PR.
All opinions and photographs are our own.

When I was contacted about going to see this, I was pretty excited. I mean, who doesn't love dinosaurs? When the day arrived I was unfortunately unwell and couldn't go, but Chyken rounded up some kids we know and off they went!  Here's what he has to say about it...

Firstly, let me clarify that this is NOT the dinosaur thing currently on at the Museum, it's a different one, it's at Docklands just near the Southern Star wheel, and it closes THIS SUNDAY (April 10th)

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we arrived to see Jurassic Creatures. My first impression came from the ample signage from the Docklands tram stop and right the way through Harbour Town.  The ticketing staff were efficient and friendly, and with three eager kids in tow, we lined up for the promptly-opening 10am session. 

From the outset, this is really engaging both visually and aurally.  The family loved hearing the loud roars and seeing the animatronic dinosaurs from outside the tent. Upon entering the tent, the camera got a workout! This place has lots of photo opportunities of the kids interacting with both static and animated dinosaurs, with great lighting. Whilst there was lots of looking skywards to see the pterodactyls, mammoths and the ferocious T-rex, the display is designed for kids, with the vast majority of displays (and information plaques) at head height for littlies.

Jurassic Creatures is clever – not only is it a display-based attraction, it provides other activities designed to engage and peak curiosity. The kids could join in the songs and dance right in front of the stage where your host has the kids right in the palm of her hand with her dinosaur pals, Buddy and Tiny. The kids enjoyed becoming a palaeontologist and discovering different fossils which they could keep. A big winner though, was the art and craft, where kids could make their very own colourful dinosaur sand art to take home!

After being a bit dinoed-out, we stepped outside into the park’s amusement section, where the kids could go on unlimited rides on trains, jumping volcano, pirate ship and cup ride.

Whilst there are food and merchandise stands throughout the facility, these are incredibly reasonably-priced! The icing on the cake was the voucher we were handed, giving us $15 tickets for the Melbourne Star, right next door, upon presentation of our Jurassic Creatures ticket.

Jurassic Creatures must close on Sunday 10 April, which gives parents an opportunity to give the kids a very cool experience in the remainder of these holidays.  We loved it, and hope you will too!

Tickets for Jurassic Creatures start at just $22 each. A family pass is $105. They can be booked online here.

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